EPA does not support Greenpeace’s charges against Apple Computer

“GreenPeace has reason to be red-faced—at least if you believe the EPA,” Mary E. Tyler reports for Ars Technica.

Tyler reports, “A recent New York Times article on buying refurnished and environmentally friendly computers (free registration required) led to a nifty list called EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) made up by the EPA. Computers that meet 23 required environmental criteria get a bronze medal. If a computer meets 50% of an addition 28 criteria, it gets a silver medal. If it meets all 23 required and all 28 option criteria, it gets a gold. None of the 300 pieces of computer equipment rated got gold medals.”

Tyler reports, “According to the EPA, Apple has the most eco-friendly notebooks, the 4th most eco-friendly desktop, and monitors that aren’t too shabby… Turns out that assuming that GreenPeace has their facts straight is a very bad assumption indeed…”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “ds” for the heads up.]
We’re all for a cleaner environment, but Apple ought to charge Greenpeace a PR fee. Mostly, Apple is guilty of being a very a popular brand name which these militant “environmentalists” use to generate free publicity.

Apple doesn’t sell dirty CRT monitors, like certain cheapo Windows-centric PC box assemblers. Apple uses rechargeable batteries in iPods, instead of having tens of millions of users constantly tossing AA batteries into landfills. Apple even offers purchasers of Apple Macs and Apple monitors free recycling of their old computer and monitor — regardless of manufacturer. The list goes on.

Information on Apple’s recycling programs and industry-leading environmental policies is available online at http://www.apple.com/environment

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  1. The EPA under the current administration seems to believe that there aren’t any corporate polluters, so the fact that they side with Apple is meaningless. I hope Apple is doing the right things when it comes to the environment, but this article provides no valid information either way.

  2. Chris, Stop the liberal BS machine. Your liberalism smells like ass!! Bla Bla Bla The current administration is the devil, and when the democrats are in power I will believe them because they are just “good” They are ALL BS artists. Clinton looked the other way on major environmental issues.

  3. Over the last 2 years Apple has instated iPod recycling programs and computer recycling programs. How many other computer companies do you know have started doing this. Apple is not perfect but they are doing things that no other company is doing!

  4. I find it disturbing how people look at the environmental problems. If someone, say a large company, optimizes their completely fscked up workflow of toxic waste products by 20% (to meet demands) everyone seems to think that’s great and enough. It isn’t. Our grandkids will hate us for what we’re doing – or not doing right now. Okay, this hasn’t too much to do with Apple or Greenpeace, it’s just something I’ve observed.

  5. Greenpeace-Go hug a tree and make sure you don’t drive to the forest, or wear leather shoes. Be very careful that you don’t hurt yourselves on the metal spikes some of you have hammered into those very same trees. Happy New Year Chris.

  6. I found it amusing that Greenpeace was pissing about how bad Apple was. They showed pictures that were supposedly of Apple product in land fills and such. The pictures were of power cables and old keyboards that looked suspiciously like PC keyboards.

    This world has a lot of problems right now, the environment is a good one to be worried over, but I think there are a lot more that are more pressing at the moment.

  7. Agree with you Chris…

    We need people like you to stop these criminal corporations from destroying the planet for our children.. BOOOO HOOO, oh the poor planet. And it’s all George Bush’s fault!!! BOOO HOOO

  8. Despite considering myself more environmentally conscious than the average person, I think Greepeace is really showing their ulterior motives here with using Apple as a PR tool (read:fundraising tool).

    I’m all for being environmentally responsible but I think Greenpeace has gone the way of most organiziations of its kind and have just become big beureaucratic money raising machines and have lost their vision of the cause.

  9. Steve:

    Stop your delusion that all liberals are idiot tree huggers. Of course if that’s what you believe I also guess that you beleive that conservatives are environment hating thugs. Is that true?

    And besides, Chris has a point. The EPA under the current admin really has looked away at a lot of polluting.

  10. These days when I think of Green Peace I can’t help but recall the scene in the movie Armageddon where a GP trawler is protesting around an oil rig (“Stop the drilling!”) while the driller (Bruce Willis) is lobbing golf balls their way (“Fore!”). Priceless.

  11. Let me see if I get this straight: Greenpeace tried to “shame” Apple by shining a green light on their store? How retarded is that? Isn’t the average person walking by either not going to pay attention, or worse yet, think the green means Apple is really environmentally awesome?

  12. Organizations such as Greenpeace are necessary. Know why? Because administrations like Bush’s, place former energy, gas, oil, and other executives as directors of regulatory commissions. I call THAT militant. What a cowardly, pussified thing that is to do.
    But, what do you expect from chiken-shit draft avoiders?
    Same behavior.

    No, it’s not all Bush’s fault. You have Reagan, and Monkey-Boy’s Daddy, too (you know, the one who got George that cushy job in the Air National Job. That reminds me, what was Cheney’s excuse? OH, yeah. He ‘elected’ to pursue his studies’.)

    Another pussy.

    Clinton looked the other way?
    Whadd’ya doin’, like 30 oxycontin a day or somethin’?

    Greenpeace, however, is DEFINITELY on MY shitlist.
    Why don’t they go pick on Microsoft, or Dell?

  13. “The EPA under the current admin really has looked away at a lot of polluting…”

    This is horsesh*t – the EPA doesn’r completely re-staff every time there is a presidential election. If you think that Bush or Clinton or any president busies themselves setting internal policy for the EPA, you’re dreaming.

    The EPA catches some stuff and misses some stuff. It’s a regulatory body – not a police force.

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