RUMOR: Apple’s iWork ‘07 release imminent, to feature new ‘Lasso’ spreadsheet application

“Apple’s launch of iWork ’07 next week is expected to be touted as one of the company’s more significant product launches of the year, most notably due to the addition of a new spreadsheet application. This third component will better enable Apple to compel Mac users to forgo Microsoft Office and consider its offerings instead,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret.

Katz reports, “As first reported by Think Secret in July, the application, referred to internally as Lasso and expected to be titled Numbers or Charts, will offer more than 200 hundred functions and full support for importing and exporting Microsoft Excel documents.”

“Lasso will launch alongside Pages 3, code-named Hammer, and Keynote 4, code-named Cannon,” Katz reports.

Full article with images of the Lasso’s icon and default blank interface here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

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  1. PAGES IS NOT MEANT TO BE A COMPETITOR TO WORD. Repeat that until you get it through your head, and please understand that no amount of whining will make it so. Pages is meant to be a layout program, and that it does well.

    I just don’t get why people keep wanting A to be B, when it’s clearly not supposed to be or do that.

  2. TO BustingTheSkullsOfIdiots:

    Because Mac fan boys continually make statements like “This third component will better enable Apple to compel Mac users to forgo Microsoft Office and consider its offerings instead” which imply they believe iWork is meant to be a competitor to Word, Powerpoint and Excel.

    IWork is actually a competitor of Microsoft Works – ie. a cut-down office suite aimed at the home user on a budget. It does that very well, and much better than Works.

  3. If Office for Mac ’07 is file incompatible with Office ’07, that would take away a reason not to switch to iWork. Surely that is not what Microsoft intends.

    Current Mac users aren’t going to give up OS X and Apple hardware to get Office. They must be hoping to stop people switching to Mac from Windows. It’s the only reason for incompatible versions when thirds parties have already come out with several translators.

  4. “Doesn’t anyone remember that Apple posted an alpha version of “Tables” several months back?”

    That was a third-party app that just happened to look a lot like an Apple app.

  5. I really rely on a low-end Draw program – this is the component I use in AppleWorks more than anything. I need a ClarisDraw-like replacement and low end database more than I need a spreadsheet.

    Plus Excel is the ONLY thing I like in Office. I may change my mind when I find how well it integrates with Leopard & iLife.

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