RUMOR: Apple’s iWork ‘07 release imminent, to feature new ‘Lasso’ spreadsheet application

“Apple’s launch of iWork ’07 next week is expected to be touted as one of the company’s more significant product launches of the year, most notably due to the addition of a new spreadsheet application. This third component will better enable Apple to compel Mac users to forgo Microsoft Office and consider its offerings instead,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret.

Katz reports, “As first reported by Think Secret in July, the application, referred to internally as Lasso and expected to be titled Numbers or Charts, will offer more than 200 hundred functions and full support for importing and exporting Microsoft Excel documents.”

“Lasso will launch alongside Pages 3, code-named Hammer, and Keynote 4, code-named Cannon,” Katz reports.

Full article with images of the Lasso’s icon and default blank interface here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

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  1. Not to be outdone, MS will announce three new and innovative project code names at CES that will shift your paradigm into overdrive:

    Loopy, Stanley Burrell and Ballmer’s favorite, William Conrad.

    So far, all they have are code names. But the tech analysts will froth and lather up for days with their informed speculation.

  2. Apple usually announce a few products BEFORE the big event (upgrades etc), so this year may be no exception.

    Could be a good year:

    1) Apple ‘Office’ alternative
    2) Apple licence OS X to Dell (dual boot)
    3) OS X to run all Windows apps
    4) iPod phone running on OS X only

  3. …and here’s me, been contentedly using Appleworks all these years!

    Still, be nice to have the new thing arapped up in a modern iW wrapping.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. One thing to think about for the adoption of iWork is that Office 2007 dramatically changes the Word/Excel menu interface. I think the main reason some people have stuck with Microsoft is because the menus haven’t’ changed since Office 97. If people have to learn a new interface anyway, they may be more apt to switch to an Apple solution.

    The other hurdle is making sure that most files can be converted from .doc/.xls to the new format.

  5. How does Apple expect to provide an office suite if it doesn’t have a good word processing program? Pages is great for simplifying page layouts but it’s limiting and stinks as a word processor. I would love for iWork to be as good, useful and flexible as Microsoft Office but it isn’t. MS office is still the standard and still in the lead.

  6. @ disappointing… sounds like you’re ready for a pro app –

    If your needs are more than ‘sophomoric’, maybe you should consider a more capable (and pricier) photo management program. It’s hard to realistically complain about five bundled programs being sold for 80 bucks that elegantly meet the needs of 95% of users.

  7. Disappointing:

    “And, don’t tell me it’s working fine for you since you are probably not asking it to do much of anything beyond some sophomoric photo touch up or fancy (you think) slide show.”

    Wow, you must be so much better than me! Therefore I’ll have to assume that you must be right. Apple, please fix iLife as it is clearly broken.

  8. I with Greg M on this. Strip away the flashy (but largely useless) templates in Pages and you’re left with a very primitive text editor which is good at handling embedded graphics. However, as a professional word processor it’s sorely lacking. Where are the collaborative tools (like editing and commenting on documents?). Where is the cross-referencing capability? Adding paragraph styles with auto-numbering (in the exact format of my choice) is a pain. How can I insert mathematical equations? How can I split a large document into several sub-documents? How can I automatically apply styles to the document? Auto captioning of figures? It’s great for doing the village newsletter or hymn sheet for the church, but for anything but the smallest businesses its no replacement for Microsoft Word.

    Let’s hope Apple makes iWork ’07 a real rival for Microsoft Office.

  9. @ Mike K:

    I’m also an academic, and while I have both Word and Pages on my machines, I use Pages almost exclusively. I can’t stand the grammar/dictionary functions in Word, and I hate how it constantly yells at me for using correct configurations.

    Pages has some *rudimentary* spell-check features, and a lot of people cite the lack of a robust spell-checker as their reason for not making the move. But for me, the lack of an annoying, constantly-interfering grammar apparatus is liberating.

    In addition, the ease of use and layout aesthetic that can be acheived (rather easily) in Pages blows away anything that can be done in Word.

    If your word-processor usage is extremely heavy (like mine), then I would recommend taking a day or two and reading the packaged manual while playing with the program. After you get used to a couple of differently placed functions (like bulleted lists and dot leaders) you’ll be good to go.

    Hope some of that helps and good luck on your switch.

    Freedom from MicroShaft!

  10. Now, let’s not all gang up on -Disappointing-.
    Disappointing, I forgive you for ripping my super-sweet slide shows that all my PC-using co-workers attribute to my genius. Keynote is another example of how one can appear slicker than he actually is…and I relish those moments.

  11. @ Dissapointing:

    Homeboy, your comments stink of ignorance.

    If you were doing anything BUT sophomoric photo touch-ups you wouldn’t be using iLife.

    Try not to be such a condescending prick next time…

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