RUMOR: Apple’s iWork ‘07 release imminent, to feature new ‘Lasso’ spreadsheet application

“Apple’s launch of iWork ’07 next week is expected to be touted as one of the company’s more significant product launches of the year, most notably due to the addition of a new spreadsheet application. This third component will better enable Apple to compel Mac users to forgo Microsoft Office and consider its offerings instead,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret.

Katz reports, “As first reported by Think Secret in July, the application, referred to internally as Lasso and expected to be titled Numbers or Charts, will offer more than 200 hundred functions and full support for importing and exporting Microsoft Excel documents.”

“Lasso will launch alongside Pages 3, code-named Hammer, and Keynote 4, code-named Cannon,” Katz reports.

Full article with images of the Lasso’s icon and default blank interface here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

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  1. Dunno about those images – maybe those are from early development but it seems weird to have a “Table” option in a spreadsheet application – Looks more like a Pages document with an instered blank table and *perhaps* some added icons that may or may not have been made in Photoshop and added.

  2. could anyone comment on moving from Word to Pages? I tried Pages v.1 a while back but didn’t really enjoy it.

    Word runs horribly on my Powerbook and i am thinking about moving to Pages for 2007. I am an academic so my needs are about as basic as they come: footnotes, bibliography, section headings …

    many thanks

  3. Good. Now -please- Apple, bundle a ‘lite’ version of Filemaker to step up and combat that much used abomination called Access.

    Then, with iWork and iLife, ALL your normal computing requirements are met – right out the box.

    I’m excited.

  4. I guess I can quit hoping for long-overdue improvements to iPhoto, and iMovie with all the attention focus focused on a friggin’ spread sheet. Dammit.

    As iLife grows, it’s losing its appeal as an integrated program because so many of its parts are so buggy, unpredicible, subject to stops, freezes, unexpected quits, strange aberrations, and, worst of all, all kinds of functions that DO NOT “JUST WORK”.

    And, don’t tell me it’s working fine for you since you are probably not asking it to do much of anything beyond some sophomoric photo touch up or fancy (you think) slide show.

    I want iLife to do and be what it is suppose to do and be. Is it too much to ask?

    Separate parts of the iLife suite are available all over the place for Windows and many work better than Apple’s stuff. Result: switching backwards. Oh, the horrors!

    Note to Steve: make your promise that “it just works” the truth, not a marketing lie.

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