Macworld Conference & Expo sees 28% increase in registrations

Macworld Conference & Expo will kick off next week in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. This year’s event promises to be the largest in years with a 28% increase in pre-show registrations over Macworld Conference & Expo 2006. In addition, the new “Digital Lifestyle Experience” highlights expansion into North Hall at Moscone, hundreds of new products are expected to debut, and the exhibit hall will feature almost 400 of the most innovative companies serving the Mac community. Macworld also includes five days of world-class educational content, with conference sessions appropriate for Mac users of all levels and backgrounds.

The Macworld conference program runs Monday through Friday, January 8-12, 2007 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. The Macworld exhibit hall opens on Tuesday, January 9 at 11:00 a.m. and runs through Friday, January 12. The exhibit hall will feature the newest products and applications for the Mac platform from companies such as Adobe, Canon USA, Epson America, FileMaker, HP, Microsoft, Nikon, Quark, Xerox, XtremeMac and many others.

Macworld Conference & Expo attendees can also network with their peers and obtain valuable education at a wide variety of informative conference sessions, special events and forums. Highlights include:

• Apple CEO Steve Jobs Keynote Presentation: Jobs delivers the Macworld Conference & Expo Keynote Address to kick off the biggest Macintosh community event of the year on Tuesday, January 9, 9am-11am PST.

• Digital Lifestyle Experiences: These brand new Experiences feature interactive exhibitions, training, and activities focusing on three blossoming creative technology areas – digital photography, music & sound, and gaming. Together, the Digital Lifestyle Experience attractions will demonstrate how Mac OS X tools and technology empower users to express themselves, create, and have fun! Located in the North Hall, the Experiences provide new and exciting ways for exhibit hall attendees to interact with products first-hand.

• Feature presentations: Acclaimed actor, writer and film producer Kevin Smith; world-renowned photographer and digital photography pioneer Joel Meyerowitz; and New York Times technology columnist and Mac luminary David Pogue, will all be participating in this year’s event as feature presenters. Additional presentations include the MacBrainiac Challenge, hosted by Christopher Breen of Macworld Magazine, and the Macworld Best of Show 2007, presented by Macworld Magazine. Feature Presentations are open to all attendees.

• The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus: a unique non-profit state-of-the-art mobile recording and multimedia studio. Attendees can learn how artists like the Black Eyed Peas have used the bus to work with students and record their own hit music with the products and solutions found on board. Open to all attendees.

• Power Tools Conference: 19 separate conferences will provide two days of in-depth training on specific applications and tools. This year marks the first time that will be presenting their Flashforward Conference as part of the Power Tools Conference. The highly regarded Flashforward event is the world’s premier conference focusing on Adobe’s Flash® technology. Other topics include: Dreamweaver, Filemaker, Adobe Acrobat, Mac OS X Server Fundamentals, Graphic Secrets For Business, HD Production and Workflow, Introduction To Final Cut Studio, and more.

• Market Symposiums: successfully introduced at last year’s Macworld Conference & Expo, this conference features eight unique day-long Market Symposiums that will help small business owners; graphic designers; musicians; K-12 educators; art directors; new media artists; and Podcasting Professionals get the most out of their Mac computing experience. A new Photoshop Professional Symposium, geared toward graphic designers and other creative professionals, highlights the line-up.

• Berklee Dream Studio: the Berklee College of Music will present the Dream Studio, a state-of-the-art music studio filled with Mac hardware and software ready to bring your musical visions to life. This attraction will also feature a self-guided tour, music production demonstrations and daily lectures by Berklee faculty. Open to all attendees.

• MacIT Conference: this three-day conference covers the latest features and deployment techniques for Apple’s IT products, as well as in-depth training in client, security and network management techniques by industry luminaries. Schoun Regan, CEO of and internationally respected expert on Mac OS X Server has been named the Conference Chair for the event.

• Users Conference: This year’s Users Conference will feature new tracks designed to further enhance this highly acclaimed source of inspiration and new computing ideas for new and skilled Mac users. Two new tracks of note include the Inspire and Vision tracks.

• Taste of the Conference: over 20 hours of free education for attendees to enjoy. Get a taste of what goes on in our world-class conference programs by attending these complimentary lectures. Topics will cover getting the most from an iPod, special classes for new Mac users, fun and imaginative ways to use the Mac, and how the Mac can help users harness and improve artistic capabilities. Open to all attendees.

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  1. I do fulltime Mac support for a university. A group of us Mac supporters submitted a professional development proposal to attend the conferences (Power Tools, MacIT) and it was turned down. Are there any other university IT staff out there going, or are there others trying to go but got rejected? I think the website is okay in detailing the conference program but perhaps doesn’t emphasize enough why IT supervisors need to send their staff.

  2. I know my comments are not directly related to this topic, however i want them in the forum before Macworld in case my hunch is correct.

    I think that the iTV and a new iPod will be launched at the event, most importantly i believe that the new “true video” iPod will also be the main remote control for the iTV, using virtual screens on the iPod to control aspects of the iTV software.

    If it happens you heard it here first from me, if not oh well i can continue dreaming



  3. Interesting ideas, Hugh. One can only hope. I don’t think a new iPod or phone will be released or discussed at MacWorld. I think the focus will be on the Mac, Leopard, iLife, and iWork, with a brief mention of iTV with a release date mentioned. That’s it.

    Regardless, a 28% increase in conference attendance is huge and a big turn around from a few years ago.

  4. I’m glad they are using the North side again. I hope they put all the “iPod World Expo” vendors there in the “Digital Lifestyle” side, because last year, I got a bit tired of seeing how many ways they can design an iPod case while visiting the Mac-oriented vendors.

    Or maybe it will be more like previous years when the large vendors were in the main hall with Apple, and the smaller vendors (often the ones selling merchandise on the floor) were in the North hall.

    I’m very excited about being there this year.

  5. Have Fox News on and Lance Ulanov of PC magazine is talking to Shepard Whats his name about the “iPhone.” Shep says “I want one” and that if it’s announced the “CES might as well shut down and go to the tables.” Nicely said!

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