Hitachi introduces 1-terabyte hard drive

“Hitachi Global Storage Technologies is first to the mat with an announcement of a 1-terabyte hard disk drive. Industry analysts widely expected a 1TB drive to ship sometime in 2007; Hitachi grabbed a head start on the competition by announcing its drive today, just before the largest U.S. consumer electronics show starts next week,” Melissa J. Perenson reports for PC World.

“According to Hitachi, the drive ships in the first quarter of 2007, and will cost $399–less than the price of two individual 500GB hard drives today. The drive, called the Deskstar 7K1000, will be shown this weekend in Las Vegas at the 2007 International CES,” Perenson reports.

Perenson reports, “The Deskstar 7K1000 will be a five-platter drive, each platter capable of storing 200GB apiece …Hitachi’s 1TB model uses perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) to achieve its high capacity point. The 7K1000 is Hitachi’s first 3.5-inch hard drive to use PMR technology; last year, the company released 2.5-inch PMR-based hard drives.”

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  1. Back in my day, if we wanted to save some data we had to draw on cave walls with our own blood (at a time when ten words per hour was a dang good data transfer rate), and let me tell ya, those lasted much much longer than these new fancy hard drives last today.

  2. You guys just amuse me…
    Think of 5MB drives the size of the average washing machine and removeable data packs the size of a very, very large hat box. Been there, done that.
    Think of data transfer systems like Bell 112 at 122 baud then finally getting the acoustic modem (which still sits on my desk!) that runs at the blazing speed of 300 baud. Been there, done that.
    Think of half inch open real tapes that are at 400 bpi (that’s bits per INCH of tape) then upgrading to 800 bpi and finally going to one inch tapes that hold a monstrous 3200 bpi! Been there, done that.
    Oh and personal computers backed up to cassette tapes. Been there, done that too.

    Personally, multi-terabyte hard disk drives and terabyte removeable media (holographic?) can’t come soon enough. Now all we need is a trasfer systems that can move terabytes in minutes instead of hours so that backups don’t take all night (like they used to 25+ years ago), e.g., backing up a 4TB array of four drives in a MacPro over FW800 would take over 12 hours.

  3. Can you just imagine how much porn you could store on that drive? It boggles the mind (and other body parts).

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  4. geezer and terry g:

    you mean you had blood? we hadn’t evolved it yet. all we had was the slime from our primordial ooze. we did end up evolving this hugely intricate information storage and transmittal system (DNA), all by chance because, of course, we weren’t intelligent yet.

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