Total eclipse of Michael Dell happens next Tuesday

Michael Dell plans to give the keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show, where, according to organizers:

“Mr. Dell will describe how customer imagination is the most important driver of innovation, and introduce groundbreaking new products and services.”

Besides the first half of that sentence not making a bit of sense to anyone outside of the Enderle household, er… “Group,” Michael Dell wouldn’t know “innovation” and/or “groundbreaking new products and services” if they walked up behind him and bit him in the ass.

Anyway, get this, Michael Dell plans to bore the audience to tears with his description of “how customer imagination is the most important driver of innovation” or whatever on Tuesday, January 9th at 9am PST; in other words, exactly the same date and time as Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ Macworld Expo 2007 keynote.

There’s nothing quite like seeing the local cover band schedule their first gig across town on the same night and time that Elvis opens for The Beatles, is there?

Good luck with your media coverage there, Mikey.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Investor” for the heads up.]

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  1. ‘Come on… texas isn’t all bad. Yea, we did offer up Tom Delay and Senior Arbusto, but Austin is kool… 😎

    We just don’t consider ourselves part of Texas, we are “Austin”! (that’s different)


  2. Looks like Apple eclipsed Dell by quite a bit in Market Cap:
    Apple 73.61b
    Dell 58.49b

    Will be interesting to watch the Michael Dell presentation on YouTube, he can’t suck anymore than Ballmer.

  3. Mike – When a horse throws you off, it’s trying to tell you something. Not only that it is smarter than you, but that you should not operate anything heavier than a pogo stick by yourself.
    I think you might have hit your head harder than anyone thought.

    Folks, this is my favorite rivalry in all of computerdom.

    On the one hand, you have the greasy used-car salesman, doing anything he can to make a deal, all the while trying to stand between you and the giant scratch in the door, going on and on about how much you REALLY NEED the undercoating, and then forgetting your name the minute you leave the lot. He wears a suit from the Men’s Wearhouse markdown bin, a size too large to contain his ever expanding love for donuts. To impress his underlings, he drives a Hummer home from the lot, ever mystified that the women he oggle in traffic don’t seem to be imopressed. And his own car, a beige 1991 Honda Accord (does it GET any more beige?) reeks of pine-tree and Bruit.

    On the other, you’ve got the Euro-slick captain of industry, at once personable and untouchable, leading an army of talent that he can turn on a dime, well before anyone else in the room spots the changing trends. He is fair, if ruthless, and commands respect without ever having to demand it. He’s not always right, but when he’s wrong, it’s because YOU were not ready. He drives a Mercedes SL convertible with a stereo that no one outside of Tokyo has ever heard of. He could afford any Bentley on the road, but he has no need to impress others with something as trivial as monetary wealth. In the garage still sits his beloved VW Beetle, smelling vaguely of intercourse and pot.

    Okay, I’ll stop now… ;P


    MW: ‘taken’ (way too seriously)

  4. Now, now children, there’s plenty of media attention to go around. There will be more than a few media types hitched to the M$/Dell trough, don’t you worry about that. CES will be well-attended.

    Enderle, Thurrott, G.Ou-…….. they’ll all be there wearing their well-worn kneepads, with bottles of lube in their pockets (just in case of whatever-they all love spontaneity…).

    ChrissyOne seems to be “taken” with Steve Jobs. “In the garage still sits his beloved VW Beetle, smelling vaguely of intercourse and pot.”

    … a little shrine, perhaps, to more innocent times?

    Sounds good to me.

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