SanDisk releases 32GB flash memory hard drive for notebooks

“SanDisk wants to replace the hard drive in notebooks with flash memory, a swap that it says will make thin laptops faster and more reliable,” Michael Kanellos reports for CNET News.

“The switch, however, will cost you a few hundred dollars more,” Kanellos reports.

Kanellos reports, “SanDisk on Thursday in the US released a 32GB drive for commercial notebooks that stores information on flash memory chips rather than the magnetic platters that make up a traditional hard drive. The drive is available only to manufacturers, and the company declined to give out pricing or identify any notebook makers that will adopt it, but SanDisk said notebooks sporting the drive could come out in the first half of 2007.”

Kanellos reports, “Unlike traditional hard drives, flash memory drives do not contain moving parts. As a result, flash devices are less prone to breaking down — flash cards can survive drops from great heights — and consume less energy. SanDisk’s flash drive can increase battery life by about 10 percent, said Doreet Oren, director of product marketing for SanDisk. Flash also can retrieve data faster.”

“SanDisk packaged the drive into a 1.8-inch package, mostly to make it easier for notebook makers to adopt it. The package can be shrunk (to reduce the overall size of the notebook) or increased,” Kanellos reports. “The drive will also add about US$600 to the cost of a notebook.”

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  1. Don’t forget that new technology is always expensive. How much were the first home computers vs now? or 1st digital cameras compared to reg. cameras? Or DVD player vs VCR. The price will go down-way down.
    Oh on the size thing (I often fill up my 80 gig laptop), if they are only 1.8 inches, why couldn’t 2 or 3 be used – at least until they get the bigger size in a smaller space ones.
    I predict by 2010, 80% of new laptops will have flash drives.

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