Analyst: Apple’s ‘ITV’ poised to shake up tech industry, could ‘iPod’ the mainstream players

“Whole Home Media and Content Distribution” will be a “hot” segment for the tech market in 2007, according to analyst Tim Bajarin who writes for Technology Pundits.

Bajarin writes, “Apple’s ITV is poised to shake up the industry as Apple should deliver their take on Microsoft’s Media Center Edition concept by mid year. There is already real fear in the industry that Apple could ‘iPod’ the mainstream players in the sense that they could deliver such an elegant and easy to use way to get content from the PC to the TV that it could have an iPod like effect and push users to Apple’s approach, making it hard for PC players and those sporting various versions of media adaptors to compete.”

Bajarin writes, “Regardless of Apple’s potential success, the idea of moving media around the house will be a major topic and issue in the coming year. Also, wireless HD will be important and the only real practical way to move this new media around the house through some form of wireless networks.”

Full article, with more predictions for 2007, here.

Steve Jobs gives sneak peek of Apple’s “iTV” wireless set-top box:

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  1. “Apple’s ITV is poised to shake up the industry as Apple should deliver their take on Microsoft’s Media Center Edition concept by mid year.”


    Uh, Apple doesn’t do “takes” on anything Microsoft. This is nothing like anything MS has ever done. Apple has been mastering multimedia long before MS ever pretended to innovate anything. I get tired of ignorant people.

  2. “as Apple should deliver their take on Microsoft’s Media Center Edition concept by mid year.”

    No, they aren’t going to deliver any ‘take’ on what MS does. Apple doesn’t look at the foundations set forth by a design-deficient company like MS and do a ‘take’ on what they do. If Apple does it, they will do it in an Apple-like manner and shift the paradigm completely not rehash what MS does.

  3. Isn’t the “Front Row” Suite closer to taking on MicroSoft’s Windows Media Center than the iTV?

    I think of iTV or whatever it will be named closer to Tivo meets Mac Mini. I pray to god there will be recording abilities with that iTV. Without it, I cannot imagine the thing being that profitable outisde of Apple and Tech junkies.

  4. iTV is nice, but iHope they’ll release Mac Mini like HTPC, since iDon’t wanna buy a digibox since iCan’t be sure if one will work or not. Many of ’em are still too gadget-like. Front Row please.

    It’s gonna be a long week. Last two years it was like rumors started poppin’ 1-2 months before the MW, now rumors popped out last spring or summer and they’ve been over-revving ever since WWDC’06 and stock markets have been on coke for two months.

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