S&P upgrades Apple to ‘Strong Buy’ with target price remaining at $110

While the entire [stock options irregularities] scenario is cause for concern, Standard & Poor’s analyst Richard Stice believes [Apple’s] formal disclosures will help alleviate lingering uncertainty for the company. Moreover, Stice thinks fundamental business drivers remain intact.

S&P has upped Apple Computer, Inc. (AAPL) to “5 Stars” (strong buy) from “4 Stars” (buy).

S&P’s 12-month target price remains $110.

More info via BusinessWeek here.

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  1. I’m not a fan of frauding investors, but I really think a lot of this backdating business is much ado about nothing..

    For one thing I *never* hear mentioned in all the articles referring to this “Scandal” is how Apple’s worth has trippled int he last 4-5 years.

    For a company this size to pull that off, a backdating issue of ~84million is frankly not even a speed bump.

    It’s akin to Bill Gates having to pay for a parking ticket.

  2. My point remains largely the same, regardless.

    Apple has seen a massive expansion in the time in which this “backdating scandal” occurred. No perspective on this is given.. seriously, how worked up do you think Bill Gates would get about that parking ticket? He makes more money in the time it takes him to remove the paper from his windshield than 100x the cost of the ticket.

    People are making this out to be an Enron or Worldcom type deal, when in the scheme of things, it’s really unimportant. If a few execs got paid a bit more than “they should have” while investors were making a fortune off the stock, are people *really* that upset about this?

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