RUMOR: Apple ‘iTV’ may be announced at Macworld Expo, but not ship immediately

“Apple Computer chief executive Steve Jobs should have more to say about the company’s forthcoming iTV set-top media hub at next week’s Macworld Expo in San Francisco, but the launch party may have to wait a few more weeks,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

Jade reports, “Despite efforts to the contrary, the Cupertino-based company will reportedly stay a plan to push the streaming media device into the hands of consumers during the first half of the month. Instead, it’s working to abate a series of quality assurance-related concerns stemming strictly from the gadget’s operating system software.”

“People familiar with the matter say Apple now aims to begin shipping iTV (likely under a different product name) in late January or early February. They added that the additional time is necessary to fine-tune an embedded version of the Mac OS operating system that will reportedly run on the device — a most vital component responsible for ensuring a flawless user experience on the consumer end,” Jade reports.

More details in the full article here.

“Apple surprised many when they revealed the iTV in September at the ‘Showtime’ media event. The $299 device offers a living room appliance that interfaces your media content to your television. A brief overview was provided, but the final shipping product was not promised until the first quarter of 2007,” arn reports for Mac Rumors. “Many expect Apple will provide more details of the iTV at Macworld.”

Full article, Macworld Expo 2007 Rumor Roundup, here.

Steve Jobs gives sneak peek of Apple’s “iTV” wireless set-top box:

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  1. how is it a rumor if the iTV is all ready announced. The rumor would be that the iTV will be shipping soon. Besides since it is an announced product we expect SJ to talk about it but he may not say when it’ll be shipped. I think the title is misleading.

  2. I’m betting on Apple naming the new device Front Row. It makes sense as it extends the Front Row experience to your TV. I’m also betting on an updated version of Front Row that add features to match the stand alone device.

    Magic Word probably

  3. Slevin’s right, unless SJ has designs on becoming a politician – re-announcing old announcements as new announcements ( think govt funding). Then iTV is a previously announced product.

  4. If ther really is an embedded OSX in the device, I can see this device having a similar market share to the iPod.

    For me, the reason the iPod became so popular was because apple did not monopolise the accessories market, but allowed other manufacturers to take their share.

    I can see companies like Elgato, extending the functionality of the iTV through either the plug in USB device, or a small transformation of the mac Mini sized TV converter they currently market. External HDD enclosure manufacturers will benefit by extending the recording capacity of such a device, and allow more films downloaded to be stored.

    An embeded time machine backup software may even allow the restoration of deleted downloaded material.

    I just hope that whatever is released works with the same ease of use of the ipod (and eco system of accessories), to further this great companies success.

  5. 802.11n products have begun shipping already— regardless of where the technology sits in the FCC pipe — it’s already gone to market.

    The the Enhanced Wireless Consortium drafted a proposal a year ago for the high-speed wireless standard and manufacturers have been using its specs..

    Linksys is shipping wireless-N broadband routers and notebook card adapters…. as well as Wireless-N pci adapters…

    So 11n is not a bottleneck.

  6. The lack of composite out on the prototype was surprising. I guess a component to composite adaptor would make iTV compatible with older televisions but that would be an extra to pay for.

    I wish Apple would utilise a remote similar to the Wii Remote. An iTV on a HD television with a Wii Remote would be the ultimate home AV experience.

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