RUMOR: Apple 8-Core Mac Pro, new Cinema Displays due in January

MacScoop is reporting that an 8-core Mac Pro is currently due for a January release. MacScoop also reports that a 4-core configuration may remain in Apple’s lineup at a lower price point.

“Apple hasn’t made any major update to the Cinema Displays since their initial release in June 2004,” Alexandros Roussos reports for MacScoop. “As reported by MacScoop a few days ago, the next generation of Apple Cinema Displays could feature a built-in iSight, HDMI connectivity as well as support for HDCP. New sizes could appear in the line-up: the 23 inch model may be replaced by a 24 inch one while a larger model may broaden the line-up.”

Full article here.

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  1. Whoever the original respondent to Smythe was, I hope you enjoy your Noka chocolates. (The last line sums it up : If you or your gift recipient are rich, stupid, and vain, Noka is probably the way to go.)

    (Courtesy of John Gruber’s wonderful Daring Fireball).

    Apple displays are over priced. They also don’t make it easy to have a 2nd monitor for one’s iMac AND have them look good together. The ports are badly placed for having two monitors too, and the single menubar makes working on a 20″ display a little tiresome (unless you have deja menu installed).

  2. I like my two 30″ Apple Monitors – and they are not cheap nor are they really expensive for the quality that I have when I am working.

    If you want schite then buy schite – if you want class then spend the money and stop complaining – “It is usually the guy who can’t afford quality who complains about price.” <- hypothetically attributed to Donald Trump

    BTW: the Noka (sic) Chocolate is not worth it but a Ferrari Enzo is. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” /> (

    If you can’t spell Nokia (nor are you willing to go have a look on how to spell it correctly); don’t use it as an example. It just proves my point.

    “Everyone has class: some people’s class is just lower.” <- also hypothetically attributed to Donald Trump (or was it James Packer) ..|..

  3. “It is usually the guy who can’t afford quality who complains about price.”

    What about the guy who pays Mercedes price and gets sub-Chevy quality?

    Sometimes it’s worthwhile to pay a premium, but you’d better know exactly what you’re paying for.

  4. The happy meal analogy is ridiculous. Stop it. ;P
    Try comparing the price of a Kia Rio and, say, and Audi A8.
    The only problem is that Kia makes a much nicer car than Acer makes computer gear.

    Acer makes laptops sold at Wal*Mart. My girlfriend had one that died on her in under a month, and, with Wal*Mart’s legendary customer service in action, she never got a refund or a replacement for. 750 down the tubes. Go Acer!!!

    (for the record, I was not around to help prevent this unfortunate purchase)

    Problems with my Apple equipment, OTOH, are handled right every time.

    Pay for shit = own shit = shit breaks.
    Pay for quality & service = be happy.


  5. its nice to be able to pay for Apple equipt at full price and worth it for the roi. although i can’t really afford the get apples most current model of anything, i purchase all my equipt refurbished. never had a problem, never had a return and i get top of the line quality for less. anyone who complains about apple pricing is just looking for the latest for the least which you’re not getting. get over yourself and get refurb if you don’t like the fuck#%g price assholes.

  6. People comparing the Apple displays are comparing Apples and Oranges (pun intended) ALL of the low end displays are using 6 bit TN (twisted Nematic) panels. The obtain the 16 million colors (claimed) by dithering the pixels in the display. This is NOT the same thing as an 8 bit panel.

    Dell and HP make both and charges similar amounts (to apple and sony) for high quality panels. (I think dell qualifies their high quality panels as “ultra sharp”)

    TN panels are very fast but have poor color response and very limited (particularly vertical) dispersion. A quick way to identify a TN panel is to drop down to a low angle of view (vertically), if the panel dims significantly or appears to invert certain colors then it is likely a TN display.

    Anyone seeing a seeing an inexpensive TN display side by side with a high quality display with a high quality feed (most stores drive them with analog VGA which is very poor) would not wonder why they cost double or even triple in some cases.

    If you are going to play games and surf the internet you can buy a 6bit TN panel they have very vast (GtoG) response. On the other hand if you are interested in an accurate display of color (content creation, prepress, photo or video color correction, ect) then do not buy a cheap display, it will simply not be up to the task.

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