RUMOR: Apple 8-Core Mac Pro, new Cinema Displays due in January

MacScoop is reporting that an 8-core Mac Pro is currently due for a January release. MacScoop also reports that a 4-core configuration may remain in Apple’s lineup at a lower price point.

“Apple hasn’t made any major update to the Cinema Displays since their initial release in June 2004,” Alexandros Roussos reports for MacScoop. “As reported by MacScoop a few days ago, the next generation of Apple Cinema Displays could feature a built-in iSight, HDMI connectivity as well as support for HDCP. New sizes could appear in the line-up: the 23 inch model may be replaced by a 24 inch one while a larger model may broaden the line-up.”

Full article here.

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  1. The HDMI port on the displays would certainly tie-in nicely with the new iTV box, but both products (the new displays and iTV itself) need two HDMI sockets to allow other devices to be plugged-in too.

    Anyone with an Xbox, PS3 or some future device using HD will need to ‘daisy-chain’ it into the new screens and iTV.

  2. “compare a McDonalds Happy Meal with a Steak And Lobster dinner…???? “

    I think Smythe is comparing a NY strip and Lobster dinner with a filet and lobster dinner. You don’t pay 2.5x for a slightly better steak. A happy meal would be the 15″ CRT.

  3. re: re: smythe-

    Well, there are thousands of McDonalds out there, so that means the average shmuch wants a happy meal.

    Apple displays are a bit pricey- but at least they don’t look like shit. At least there is one manufacurer out there who builds a product that looks nice sitting on nice furniture, for those of us who have it. Aluminum costs a bit more than cheap plastic, no?

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