Could YouTube be Apple’s ‘iTV’ killer-app?

“With Macworld Expo just over a week away, many expect Apple CEO Steve Jobs to announce further details (and the availability) of the company’s yet to be released set-top-box, codenamed iTV,” Steve O’Hear blogs for ZDNet.

O’Hear writes, “Powered by something similar to Apple’s Front Row media center software, the iTV is designed to get the media content that’s housed on a Mac (music, movies, and photos), streamed to the living room television. However, with its built-in wireless networking (suspected to be the faster 802.11n), why not bypass the Mac and have the iTV connect directly to the internet?”

MacDailyNews Note: Steve Jobs explicitly stated that ‘iTV’ works with both Macs and PCs.

“Anybody who has used Front Row to watch movie trailers streamed directly from Apple’s website, will have wondered why they can’t access other internet-based content in a similar way. For starters, think Flickr for photos, and of course YouTube for video,” O’Hear writes.

O’Hear writes, “The combination of iTunes and DRM-free MP3s provided the ‘killer app’ for the iPod, and YouTube could well do the same for Apple’s soon-to-be released set-top box.”

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Steve Jobs gives sneak peek of Apple’s “iTV” wireless set-top box:


  1. C’mon, Drunk Cheney!

    You wouldn’t watch (and record) the 24 hour Diet Coke + Mentos Dancing Fountains Channel in glorious high definition?

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  2. how would you select videos using the iTV? it probably could accept a keyboard (think it has a USB input), but then it defeats the purpose of being a set-top box with a remote.

    i think this is just somebody’s fantasy. and yeah, i agree with those people who wouldn’t want to watch the crappy quality of youtube on a big TV.

  3. Only Enderle and his kind think Steve might miss the keynote. Since Enderle’s always wrong when it comes to the subject of Apple, this proves that Steve will be there to wow the crowd.

  4. One thing to keep in mind with the currently awful YouTube video quality is that it’s awful because that’s what people will a) upload b) stand to download. This will obviously get better with time, and I fully expect YouTube content to go up in quality in the future, so it may not be so unimaginable that we’ll be watching it on our 42″ LCDs.

    Speaking of YouTube, though, correct me if I’m horribly wrong here – don’t most of you watch YouTube when friends send you links to funny videos, or when someone links to a video from a blog, or when you think of a funny skit/ad/whatever you’d like to relive? This covers 95% of my YouTube use – I never just browse it randomly. The point here is, how exactly would that work with the iTV concept?

  5. “Word is that Steve will NOT be making a keynote presentation at MacWorld Expo. His new lawyers have advised him to stay home.”

    Why, so he wouldn’t get arrested while on stage? Or so his confident presence wouldn’t devalue the Apple stock?

  6. “Word is that Steve will NOT be making a keynote presentation at MacWorld Expo. His new lawyers have advised him to stay home.”

    Word from where?

    Word is that Thorin is the most desirable piece

    of hotness on the planet. LOL

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