Tavis Smiley interviews Apple Computer co-founder Woz

Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak explains why he became a philanthropist, talks about Apple, his plane crash and subsequent memory loss, and more on PBS’s Tavis Smiley program:

“So thirty years ago, Steve Wozniak came up with an idea that must have seemed like a hair-brained idea at the time. Take a regular typewriter keyboard and combine it with computer circuitry and a video monitor. Of course, that silly idea turned into the personal computer, perhaps the single most important invention of the entire twentieth century.” – Tavis Smiley

Read the transcript of the show here.

Listen to the interview (via RealPlayer): http://media.pbs.org/ramgen/tavissmiley/tavisaudio20061117_36.rm

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Scarbro” for the heads up.]

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  1. It took both Steve’s to get us here. Woz with the technical sskills, Steve with the Selling skills. The Apple is now ancient history, but if you remove it none of this would exist as it does.

    Don’t sell Woz or his acommplishments short.

    It’s easy to modify what someone has done before you, it’s genius to create what didn’t exist.

    Still just a man, but one who did something.

  2. With all due respect, in order to tell Woz to “get a life” should post first a list of achievements which have changed the planet.

    At this point of his life, in my oppinion, Woz has earned the right to write, say and express himself. He wrote a book which is (I think) brilliant and inspiring.

    That is, also, considering the invention of the Apple I and Apple II, perhaps the most revolutionary computers in history, but for sure the computer which marked a “before” and “after” in computer history. How bigger can it get?

    Of course, nothing is done single handed. Steve Jobs’ commercial vision was what fueled it. But the hard fact is one without the other would have gone nowhere.

    It is great to finally see things from Woz’s perspective and to put an end to a bunch of urban legends (cool legends, I agree, but legends after all) and to know what happened within Woz’s mind when the Apple I was created.

    And finally, simple to acknowledge Woz’s genius.

    Don’t mean to disrespect anybody or bash anybody’s oppinion or insult anybody. It’s just my oppinion, and I don’t agree with the “get a life” statement.

  3. Woz is promoting his book. This is what you do to promote a book. It’s called a book tour. You get booked everywhere you can and you talk about the book. It’s not rocket science nor is it being a “media whore.”


    Exactly. And writing a book on Apple at the height of their success is called capitalizing, just like I said in my original post.

  4. Without Steve Jobs, Woz would have got absolutely nowhere. He would have tinkered with little hobby computers forever more. Only Jobs, with his unique vision, could see what these strange little machines could become – he is the only pushing the industry forward and that’s the way it always has been. Woz, whilst certainly a technical wizard, would have been nothing without Jobs. The reverse definitely isn’t true.

  5. Tavis Smiley is an idiot. With this dumb ass, everything, absolutely everything is about race. I doubt very seriously he can interview the Woz without making it about the “plight of the” so called “African-American.”

    Woz shouldn’t lower himself to this man’s level.

  6. TheloniusCrack, try walking around any city in this country with black skin on.

    Go to your video store and rent a copy of “When the Levees Broke”- maybe it will ring a few bells in that thick skull of yours.

    You bet your sweet, scrawny, pimply white ass it’s all about race.

    Then, shut the f*&k up, you piece of crap.

  7. The number of iRacists on this Blog amazes me… it never fails that whenever a Black person is mentioned on this site the racists climb out of their cubby holes to spew their hatred. In the PC community this is expected, but one never thinks of Mac aficionados as being Those Kind of People… Sad indeed.

    TheloniusCrack & Ignorantone … you guys really need Jesus in your life.

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