Apple shares push into positive territory, top NASDAQ most-active list

Shares of Apple Computer, Inc. pushed into positive territory in afternoon trading today, recouping early losses (today’s low: $76.77) and then some to currently trade at $81.96, up $0.45, or 0.55%, on heavy share volume of 62,571,028 that tops NASDAQ’a most-active list today. AAPL shares took an early hit in trading following new reports regarding the ongoing stock options investigation (please see related article below).

AAPL’s closing price yesterday was $81.51.

AAPL’s 52 Week High stands at $93.16, set on November 27, 2006. AAPL’s 52 Week Low was $50.16, set on July 14, 2006.

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  1. Wow – a $43 spread in just the last 6 months. Just goes to show that people continue to either grossly underestimate or grossly overestimate (depending on your point of view) the value of the company. A valuation jump of almost 90% from July to November? Jeepers.

    I don’t follow individual stocks closely, as I’m not a day-trader or single-stock investor, but it seems that Apple really gets a lot of back and forth due to the sort of “love/hate” relationship so many people seem to have with the company and its products.

    When a little downward side news comes out, the “haters” all jump out and cry “YES! I was right, Apple is bad! Dump it!” And vice versa for the Apple fans.

    But the fact is, the “probable” long-term profitability of the company has not in any way changed dramatically in the last 6 months (certainly not by 90%!), which means there must be other “artificial” pressures that keep pushing the stock up and down.

  2. Also note that some analysts have “Strong Buy” suggestions for MSFT – this from a company that spent $500M to rebadge a Toshiba iPod also-ran and then got 2% of holiday DMP sales!

    I can’t wait for MSFT to reveal Vista to the publis right when Leopard rolls out and the reviewers pit them side by side – Time Machine will be a tool for checking out when MSFT had 90% market share!

  3. yeah..and everyone was flaming MDN on that comment this morning.


    MDN has no crystal ball folks, and it has nothing to do with common sense or the health of Apple as a company… Investors are playing AAPL and quite frankly they could have just as easily taken it the other way regardless of MDN’s opinion.

  4. Good timing for the low. Everyone who wanted to get in on the action has by now. I expect the pre-Macworld hype and positive quarterly earnings news (from the Oct-Dec quarter) to drive the stock price up between $90 and $100 again. Then, there will be some more reports about the options investigation or some bogus report about the iTunes Store sales being 60% down, and the stock will drop to about $80. The only sure way to win is buy AAPL and hold it for a while. There will be highs and lows, but with Apple’s potential during the next few years, the highs will be higher and the lows will also be higher.

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