PC Magazine: Top 5 questions asked by Windows PC to Mac switchers

“When Apple switched to Intel processors, I switched to a Mac. It was that simple. And judging by Apple’s latest financial report, millions of you are coming with me: Mac sales have increased 30 percent since last year. But Apple is more than just the Coca-Cola of computing: The company builds solid machines that are capable of handling office work and, in my opinion, are vastly superior to Windows machines when it comes to multimedia editing,” Robyn Peterson writes for PC Magazine.

“A Mac can do more than just multimedia. I have Microsoft Office installed so that I can work on Word and Excel documents, and I use a Cisco VPN to connect with my office network. In fact, I use my MacBook as my sole PC at home, whether it’s work or play,” Peterson writes. “Though it’s fairly easy to find your way around a Mac, I’ve answered the five questions most frequently asked by recent Mac converts or those folks simply pondering a potential switch.”

Top 5 questions asked by Windows PC to Mac switchers:
• Where’s The Start Menu?
• Where’s My Right Mouse Button?
• How Do I Install Apps?
• How Do I Search For Files Or Apps?
• Where’s The C: Drive?

Full article here.

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  1. I have found there are a LOT of differences between OS X and XP but the biggest difference is that once you let your Zen powers of intuitiveness take over, OS X makes sense where as learning XP is just a matter of doing something over and over again until you remember the six steps it take to accomplish them.

  2. Oh I can’t wait until more people switch to Mac. Then it will be safe for me to try it myself. I thought about it a couple years ago and told some friends who teased me so I reconsidered. I hope someone lets me know when it is safe. I really don’t like it when people tease me.

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