RUMOR: Second leaked Apple ‘iPhone’ image shows chameleonic trackpad

Vincent Nguyen, who earlier posted what may be a leaked photo of Apple’s mobile phone on, claims to have received a second image from an anonymous source.

Nguyen writes, “Hopefully this second image will help answer questions about the bottom half of the touch pad.”

Along with the image, Nguyen also received this info:

touch pad has backlight possibilities to show click wheel, Numbers or other input-interface… or just a track pad…

Full article with larger image here.
This is a rumor and this photo could be a fake, but we cannot currently discount it.

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  1. beautiful, he realized the errors in his pic from before after reading peoples’ comments on it and decided to superimpose a scroll wheel and numpad on top.

    “Someone is obviously paying attention to your comments about the picture and the possibilites and questions it raises.” he says.

    yeah, that someone is him. douche.

  2. Judging from a closer look, the “keys” are photoshopped into the picture.

    Besides that it would be impractical and there is no really practical (LCD) technology to realize this kind of touch pad in this way. If it was to do that, the whole design would be realized in a completely different way.

    My verdict: FAKE!

    MDN word: trouble – now if that doesn’t fit…! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. It must be a fake. Every time a product is on the horizon, we get all the fake shots of it being posted and I can’t remember a single instance where we’ve seen a true ‘sneek peek’ of any Apple product before it was unveiled. Just on the balance of probability, it’s a fake.

  4. if this pic is real maybe they wanted the #5 to be centered within the scroll wheel i mean its only a theory whether it makes any since or not and there are some Motorola phones that have the same button layout so it may not be fake. I do think its fake but if not I will be purchasing this sometime in the not so distant future.

  5. I must agree that it’s a fake, but only because of a usability issue. Lots of people punch phone numbers into their cell phones without looking at the keypad. This phone would require users to look at the keypad as they dial numbers, which seems like a step backwards in usability, and therefore not very Apple.

  6. Now it’s obvious it’s a fake. First, the whole switiching between a keypad/scrool wheel thing would be too complex for a backlight (an LCD, maybe – but not a backlight). Second, why would the ‘buttons’ have letters on them when it’s already been suggested that the alphabet is shown on screen. Finally, it’s obvious the keypad is superimposed from another model because the vertical row beginning with ‘2’ is positioned slightly lower in relation to the rows on either side. This is a common feature of existing phones which have some sort of circular input just below their screen – but which obviously the ‘iPhone’ doesn’t.

    Good try Mr Nguyen – but no cigar!

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