Will It Blend? – Apple iPod

One too many requests for this one finally pushed us over the edge, so here you go!

Will It Blend? – Apple iPod:


  1. Re: BustingTheSkullsOfIdiots

    You mean like how the conservative Clinton haters are trying to blame everything and anything on a president whos been out of office for 6+ years? And are still stomping their feet and whining “I HATE youuuuu” about him? You mean like that? Then, yeah… that would be the true test.


    MW: “covered” as in all over your ‘idiot’ ass.

  2. Wow – this thread drew out the political AND environmental loonies within the first ten posts – guess no good deed, or response to “multiple requests”, goes unpunished.

    Personally, I thought it was cool, just from a gee-whiz-look-at-that sort of perspective. Talk about your ULTRA-Industrial-Strength blenders!

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