Screen shots of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard latest build

“A first-hand evaluation of the latest Mac OS X 10.5 build provided to developers reveals steady progress has been made with the operating system in the past number of months, but significant stability issues persist, all but arresting any hopes for an early release at or around Macworld Expo San Francisco next month,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret.

“The new build, 9A321, is the first to feature an updated installer as well as images during the installation process touting Leopard’s new features,” Katz reports. “New to build 9A321 is support for Sun’s ZFS file system, a 128-bit open source file system introduced with Solaris 10 that offers support for vastly larger drives and arrays than 64-bit file systems. ZFS also delivers additional options for administrators.”

“Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is expected to have a large presence at Macworld Expo San Francisco, which begins January 9, 2007,” katz reports.

A link to screen shots of Leopard in Think Secret’s galleries of build 9A241 and 9A283 here.


  1. Im still surprised noone has pointed out one of the most interesting features ( to me atleast ) Not saying how i got it but a couple builds ago in ichat if you have a connact that is a cell phone number (used to send txt messages from your computer) there is now the audio chat button next to their number. It makes me think that apple is trying to make it to where ichat can make calls for free just like skype can at this moment. Either that or its a bug/glitch. Hope its not cause skype needs an decent alternative.

  2. significant stability issues persist, all but arresting any hopes for an early release at or around Macworld Expo

    How did Apple manage to take a world-class 10.4 and make it unstable?

    IMO if it’s “significantly” unstable -even if it’s a alpha- you stop right there and fix what’s wrong. Nothing with known, obvious stability issues should ever go out the door, even to testers.

    Maybe it’s time to bring Avie back…

  3. @”what happened?”

    Maybe the core OS is getting a complete multi-threading make over.
    Maybe there is a new, fully multi-threaded finder coming in 10.5. (No more “spin cursor”!)
    Maybe there all the new apps (Mail, Safari, iLife, etc.) will be fully multi-threaded too.

    IF so (admittedly huge IFs — though a fully multi-threaded finders is becoming a “must have”) then these are huge changes to the OS.

    Thus just implementing a single new capability (fully multi-threading everying to take full advantage of all the multi-core machines out there) can be a major overhaul of the OS and included Apps. Doing so can lead to many instabilities until all the bugs are worked out. This is why Apple has repeatedly said “first half of calendar 2007) which gives them until 30 June 2007 to ship it.

    If they made no other changes than to just make *everything* fully multi-threaded it would be a huge leap forward in productivity for almost everyone.

    Assuming everyting is going to be similar to, and a simple derivative of, 10.4 is foolish.

    Just think of this… you buy a 3.4 GHz 8 core Mac Pro in August of 2007 and Mac OS X 10.5 can take full advantage of all 8 cores all the way from the Finder up through Final Cut Pro! Power Users’ productivity would increase by a factor of two at least.

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