Apple’s iTunes Store sells 90% of paid video downloads

“First, some good news for the developing video-download market: about 1.2 million U.S. households purchased at least one video download from an online store in the third quarter, the NPD Group said Tuesday,” Louis Hau reports for Forbes.

Hau reports, “Now the bad news: about five times that many households downloaded a video from a free file-sharing network. And most of that was porn. Among the free video downloads from file-sharing networks recorded in the third quarter, nearly 60% was adult-film content, 20% was TV show content and 5% was mainstream movie content, NPD said.”

“Whether free or paid, movies still make up a very small portion of overall video downloads,” Hau reports. “Of paid downloads, 62% was TV content, 24% was music video content and 6% was mainstream movie content. Where were consumers buying these downloads? About 90% percent came from Apple Computer’s iTunes store, with 5% coming from movie-subscription site Vongo, 3% from movie download service Movielink and less than 1% from movie download service CinemaNow.”

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  1. “The porn industry is doing something right if they have this much illegal downloading…”

    I believe it’s called “offering an addictive product.” No doubt drug dealers have very little problem finding enough demand also.

  2. porn sucks. I’m cool enough to avoid porn. BUSTER!!!

    i live to learn but i ain’t gonna be a addict anymore…wale a goodbye to making us sore humans a brandishing human losers…u sucdking pron industry….

    u tok bad about sex it aint worth it when people are realing from damages to their sanity AND THEIR FAMILY.

    looks do deceive, think twice before commiting….porn isn’t an exception

  3. Pr0n is as addictive as any illegal substance out there and just as destructive. No matter how much money it makes, there’s a reason why companies such as Apple have steered clear. Once you go Mac, you don’t go back, right? Unfortunately that’s true with pr0n as well. Once you climb down into that gutter, there’s no rescuing your image, your morals, or your audience.

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