Apple sees 33.8 million unique Web visitors in November

comScore Media Metrix today released its monthly analysis of U.S. consumer activity at top online properties and categories for November.

In November, Yahoo! Sites again retained the number one position, attracting nearly 130 million unique visitors. Wal-Mart surged into the top 10, claiming the number nine spot with more than 43 million unique visitors, a 59-percent increase from October. Several other retail sites enjoyed increased traffic due to the start of the holiday shopping season as well. Best Buy Sites, Sears Sites, and JCPenney Sites all entered the top 50 at positions, ranking 30, 32, and 39, respectively. Target Corporation experienced a 37-percent increase in visitors, and jumped eight spots to number 15, while climbed 13 spots and drew 23 percent more unique visitors (17.1 million) than in October.

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  1. Notice HP, Dell, Gateway, Sony, all nowhere to be found amongst the top 10 sites.

    Apple has figured out the right mix to push consumers to its online site, while others simply cannot create the formula, and must either resort to tired and old tactics.

    – Traditional media formats (TV, magazines, radio, mailers, etc…)

    – Apple uses most mainstream outlets to communicate a message, but not as heavily as it’s competition, and is more effective at it, as it drives consumers to the Apple website, or into Apple Retail stores – or both.

    Just brilliant.

  2. if Apple gets a third of the traffic as compared to MS, with only 5% market share, what will happen when it reaches 15% in a year or two…..the mind boggles. Did I remember SJ once said that the next battle ground would be the internet or something…..someone correct my age addled brain…

  3. bond co. stooge:

    Apple already IS in Target. You can buy iPods there.

    As for iMacs and other Mac stuff, I’m less sold on he BIg Red Bullseye than you are. Frankly, I picture the Target Apple Store as being full of crashed Macs with keyboards that have missing keys, and a handful of software titles that would lead people to say “wow — it’s purty and all, but there sure ain’t much software for it, is there? Lookit all the Windows boxes on this aisle!” Meanwhile the only stuff for Mac they’d stock is Norton Utilities, Bejeweled 2, and one or two Disney games for kids.

    Target is great for lots of things, but high-end computers and software ain’t one of them, IMAO.


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