Apple job posting signals continuing development of iPod Hi-Fi, other models

“With Apple’s iPod Hi Fi currently sitting in 4th place amongst iPod speaker sets (and second in revenue), Apple appears to be continuing development of its iPod speaker accessory line,” longofest reports for Mac Rumors.

longofest reports, “A recent job posting on Apple’s website calls for acoustic engineers to ‘be responsible for the design and development of many aspects of consumer loudspeaker systems such as Apple’s Hi Fi – including enclosure design, passive and active filter design, transducer design, and design validation.'”

Full article with link to job posting here.

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  1. Just used mine tonight to project carols in a freezing cold park on battery power. The iPod sound was fine, but the microphone input was a little low.

    I hope they put HMDI video output in it to connect your video iPod to a large screen with excellent sound.

  2. I went for Acoustic energy Aegos. 2.1. Half the price, twice the sound. Ok, there’s no dock, but I use them with a 1st gen iPod and a Macbook. Or at least I did until I figured they were good enough to replace the hi-fi amp and speakers that were hooked up to my PowerMac.

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