Video of Apple Mac OS X Tiger running on Asus touchscreen Tablet PC

“About a month back there was a news about the World’s lightest and the smallest Apple Tablet PC / UMPC. Well this was custom built one. If you’ve not heard/seen it in action here it is,” Only UMPC reports.

Only UMPC reports, “Igor just sent us the video of the Asus R2H booting up the Mac OS X and how some of the applications run with the touch screen. This is awesome. For those who have been waiting for the Apple Tablet wait no more, Buy your favorite Tablet PC and install the Mac OS X.”

Igor adds:
Installed Mac OS X 10.4.7 JaS Pached and in custom installation (beside standard MAC OS stuff) also selected SSE2 patch. Installation had no problems (after I created the second install DVD).. it takes some time but it is very simple. Only issue is that it is not optimized for resolution of 800×480 so you can not see back and next buttons so you must use TAB button and try if the right button is selected. OK I almost forgot. It was nor dual boot installation. Mac OS X is my only OS now on Asus R2H.

Full article with video here.

It looks like Mac OS X and apps run painfully slow on that thing.


  1. Impressive. That is a very odd looking piece of equipment. Nonetheless it makes tablet OS X not only look viable, but possibly useful.

    I have both a 17″ MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo and a 13.3 inch black MacBook Core 2 Duo.

    I honest tend to use the MacBook the most. I carry it everywhere. It is so small and portable and sexy and fast. I love this little computer.

    If I could swing the monitor around and use a pen with it, I might marry it.

  2. You are all missing it

    This is just a apple mini without the case thats been put into a new housing and they attached a small 9 inch display that they bought to the outside.

    Who says this is running on none apple hardware?


  3. looks like a pain in the ass. Tablet PCs are so pointless until they come out with a good operating system designed for that kind of computing (XP version ain’t it). I want to see OS X lite on a new Apple Smart iPhone, If I want to carry a computer, I will carry my MBP.

  4. I want to see OS X lite on a new Apple Smart iPhone

    Really? You want to see Apple’s answer to Windows CE?

    Desktop systems do not scale down to the handheld level. MS has proven this brilliantly.

    Notice that the iPod has it’s own system: Apple didn’t try to stuff Mac OS X into it. Imagine an iPod with Dashboard and a Dock. Yikes. Zune would be king of the hill right now…

    If there is an iPhone, I hope Apple has a purpose-specific system for it.

  5. I think the reason OS X works so well is that it is designed with specific hardware in mind. Apple designs the hardware and the OS to work with each other. Anyone who hacks OS X to work with cheap, non-Apple hardware is going to be disappointed; it will run miserably. Microsoft has proven this. They try to be all things to all people. Jack of all trades, master of none. I just don’t understand if these people, who aren’t Apple fans otherwise they would already own a Mac, want to run OS X so much, why don’t they just buy a Mac already?

  6. Obviously “Not Ready For Prime Time”.

    I’m not going with the “it’s a fake” crowd so much as the “who cares?” crowd. What possible advantage does that hold over a MacBook? A real Tablet might be interesting. That isn’t even a fake Tablet.

    Should Apple decide to go into the Tablet market, the Mac Tablet will be quite different from this beast.

    DLMeyer – the Voice of G.L.Horton’s Stage Page

  7. hmm.. so, you’ve been able to replicate something that apple had in their labs about 5 years ago and decided was too clunky to release.

    it should be illegal to release something that bloody thick.. wow

  8. “Apple is primarily a hardware manufacturer.”

    Only until someone runs their OS on someone else’s hardware. Suddenly, Apple’s lawyers come a runnin’ to make ’em stop.

    Like it or not, believe it or not, Apple’s a software company, too.

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