Apple ‘Get A Mac’ Viruses ad selected in top 5 viral video of 2006 by IFILM

A viral video trailer expertly blending movie footage from “Brokeback Mountain” and “Back to the Future” plus a popular Folgers commercial are winners in IFILM’s annual “best of” awards which laud the most artistic and entertaining video offerings of 2006. IFILM editors made their selections across four categories including top 25 music videos, top 10 movie trailers, top 10 commercials and the 50 best viral videos. Both professionally produced and user-generated videos were chosen for the lists. A complete list of all video winners is available at

IFILM editors, who throughout the year qualify and organize the content across genres from users and TV, music and movie partners, made their “best of 2006” selections based on viewer popularity and artistic merit.

According to IFILM Producer Doug Hammond, “We vet out and organize content so our visitors don’t have to. 2006 was a bellwether year for online video so we have doubled the number of videos recognized in our annual list.”

The following are the top five in each category. For a complete list please visit

Top five of the 10 best commercials:

• Folgers: Happy Mornings — Folgers is now filled with hallucinogens to help us tolerate our mornings.
• Happydent White — Teeth gleam such a sparkling white that they light up the night in this creative spot from India.
• Smirnoff: Tea Partay — The P-Unit is here to represent all of their blue blooded homies and drink some malt liquor iced tea beverages.
• Coke: Happiness Factory — So what does happen exactly when we put our monies into the vending machine?
• Apple “Get a Mac”: Viruses — The hilariously dry John Hodgman stars with Justin Long in a new series of ads for Apple.

Apple ‘Get A Mac’ Viruses ad:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Adam W.” for the heads up.]


  1. iFilm’s flash player Sucks Ass!

    It crashed Safari twice and FF 3 times before I gave up. They have the same videos on YouTube. MDN should switch the links to the more Mac friendly YouTube..and stop giving iFilm any more traffic.

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