Report: Skyworks selected to supply ‘Front-End Module to Apple’s new iPhone’

“Stifel’s Cody G. Acree and Patrick Newton out saying that based on their checks… Skyworks (SWKS) has been selected to supply the Front-End Module to Apple’s new iPhone, which should begin contributing to revenue during the first half,” Notable Calls reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: The plot thickens.

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  1. Wow! Things are really hitting the fan today. This is awesome.

    At any moment I’m expecting to get a call from myself from the future on my “Crank Prank Time Phone” saying…

    “(garbled…static…garbled) Hello?! Hello?! Listen to me! Don’t do it! You have to be patient when waiting for the Apple iPhone. Otherwise, we’ll all be hovering upside down with otters listening to our Zunes!”

    come on….come on…..

  2. Tired of waiting, bought a Razor and two year contract with Cingular.

    Cingular software runs on the phones and they are the carrier. How is Apple going to compete against that?

    The iPhone is a myth, if not it will soon fail.

    Apple is coming to the phone market way, way, way too late!

  3. Apple is NOT “too late” because it will be marketed as a wireless iPod, not the “iPhone.” First, it will be an iPod media player before it is anything else (probably music only like the iPod nano). Second, it will have wireless connectivity using a mobile phone network, allowing access to the ‘net and email. Third (and most importantly), it will use this wireless connection to allow purchase of songs from the iTunes Store WITHOUT the need to own or use a Mac or PC. Imagine all the additional customers who can now buy the iPod; it may double the potential market. Fourth (and finally), it happens to also be a mobile phone too (the “there’s one more thing” feature). It’s the first three points that will sell the device. The fact that it’s also a phone will be a convenience and bonus. If someone just wants a phone, they’ll just get the one that comes free (or very cheaply) with their two-year service contract; they are not going to buy an iPod.

    And I hope Apple does decide to create its own service. It needs to make a deal to use one of the major networks, but the user experience should be something Apple controls.

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