Apple releases .Mac Podcast Pack for .Mac members

Apple has released the “.Mac Podcast Pack” for .Mac members who use GarageBand.

To produce great-sounding podcasts, you need the right background music. .Mac members have free and exclusive access to the Podcast Pack, which includes professional music jingles and voiceovers.

To create professional sounds for your podcast:
1. Download and install the Packs you want, then launch GarageBand.
2. Under Control in the menu bar, select “Show Loop Browser”.
3. Click “Loops” at the top of the Loop Browser, then select “.Mac Podcast Pack” from the pop-up menu to view your new jingles.
4. Create your podcast, and using iWeb, publish your podcast to .Mac.

Apple’s .Mac Podcast Pack includes:
Alternative Rock (93.5 MB): New rock-inspired jingles, in all their guitar-grinding glory
Blues (49 MB): Add new cool with blues jingles
Cinematic (183.9 MB): Give your podcasts a movie soundtrack feel with these new jingles
Country (49.5 MB): New jingles with a bit of twang, for the more laid-back podcast author
Electronic (102.5 MB): Extended mixes of popular GarageBand electronic jingles, and two new tracks
Jazz (97.5 MB): Jazz up your podcast with this popular and ultra-cool GarageBand jingle set
Rock and Pop (119.9 MB): Upbeat new jingles devoted to giving your podcast an energetic and fun sound
Urban (127.9 MB): Fresh new jingles for the podcaster looking to add some hip-hop sound
Voice Over (9.8 MB): Add the professional voice talent of Joe Cipriano to give your podcast extra polish
World (35.2 MB): Add international flair with these new world-inspired jingles.

Learn more about .Mac and sign up for a free trial now.


  1. Real Mac fans—that is to say, people of taste and discernment, would never call anything Apple product “overpriced and lame.” It’s not about wearing rose-colored glasses. It’s about appreciating the good so much that the occasional bad simply doesn’t matter. Would you divorce your wife because she makes lousy coffee? Is anything or anyone in the whole universe really perfect? I don’t think so.

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