Apple iPod, Nintendo Wii dominate holiday electronics web searches

“Searches for Nintendo’s Wii outnumbered those for Sony’s PlayStation 3 as the holidays approach, according to figures released this week,” K.C. Jones reports for InformationWeek.

Jones reports, “In fact, Hitwise reported more than three times as many searches for the most searched-for gaming console, the Wii, than for PlayStation 3 during the week ending Dec. 9. The console ranked first among electronics search terms for ‘Nintendo Wii’ and third for searches with just the word ‘Wii,’ according to Hitwise.”

“‘Despite scant availability, Nintendo Wii is the more sought-after game system with Internet searchers,’ Hitwise announced Tuesday,” Jones reports.

Jones reports, “iPods took four of the top 10 spots with the terms, ‘iPod,’ ‘iPods,’ ‘iPod Nano,’ and ‘iPod shuffle.’ ‘PSP’ and ‘PlayStation 3″‘ ranked seventh and eighth, while the xBox 360 rounded out the top 10 electronics searches, ranking ninth, according to Hitwise.”

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Top US Search Terms Driving Traffic to Shopping and Classifieds Category (Electronics)
for One-Week Period Ending December 9, 2006:

1. nintendo wii
2. iPod
3. wii
4. nintendo ds
5. iPods
6. iPod nano
7. psp
8. playstation 3
9. xbox 360
10. iPod shuffle

Source: Hitwise

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “stoo” for the heads up.]

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  1. Probably because most people know there’s no PS3s to be had. No shortage of iPods around here. Nice that Apple makes things available when they say, for the most part. Nintendo, on the other hand, has “4 million units to distribute before the first of the year.” Uh, that’s two weeks away and you’ve sold under 2 million. What the fck are you waiting on?

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