Morgan Stanley ups Apple Computer price target to $110

“Morgan Stanley analyst Rebecca Runkle raised her stock price target for Apple Computer to $110 from $90, and reiterated her overweight rating, as new products add to revenue growth and Mac market share increases,” Tomi Kilgore reports for MarketWatch.

“‘Near term, the introduction of new products and less exposure to any disruption from Microsoft’s Vista OS launch could help reduce seasonal risk for Apple shares,’ Runkle said. In the intermediate term, Runkle said ‘an expanding product portfolio, growing distribution engine and market share opportunities’ support her rating and higher price target,” Kilgore reports.

Full article here.

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  1. The development of OSX must be the best money Apple ever spent, they have this solid core they can build on and improve for probably years to come. As well as just being a downright great product, it’s got to be way cheaper than continually reinventing the wheel like microsoft try to do with windows. Of course, in the case of Microsoft, they spend billions trying to build something new only to realise they’ve just rebuilt what they already had.

  2. The best thing to happen to personal computers was Steve Jobs, i.e., Next Computer, i.e., OSX.

    OSX is The Bedrock.

    It will take time for the malware and crap to expose Vista to the world, and when that happens, the weight will ease over to Apple and the scales will tilt in a dramatic fashion. Apple will be 15%, 30% and then 50% and then MS will go down, their last actions being desparate and even more evil than we can imagine.

  3. By the time MS has lost 30% of their marketshare, they’re in a mudslide (it’s really hard to stop a mudslide, an avalanche can be stopped by breaking it).

    Steve Jobs and pals were able to stop an avalanche that was burying Apple. Microsoft has Gates (who is one biggest anchors and he’s [finally] leaving the ship), Allchin (who’s leaving the ship too and would rather use a Mac?), J (who is no Jonathan, when it comes to design) and Ballmer (do I need to describe?). With team like that they’re screwed.

    Their avalanche may turn into a mudslide really fast and if that happens, I really don’t think that people care (except the armies of tech support).

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