Microsoft confirms yet another Word zero-day flaw

“Microsoft’s security response center has confirmed that a second zero-day vulnerability in its Word software program is being targeted by unknown attackers,” Ryan Naraine reports for eWeek.

“The latest flaw comes just days after the software maker issued a security advisory to warn customers against opening Word documents from untrusted sources. The two vulnerabilities are entirely unrelated,” Naraine reports.

Naraine reports, “The flaws were discovered during actual code execution attacks against select targets and highlight the Redmond, Wash., vendor’s struggle to cope with gaping holes in one of its most widely used products.”

Naraine reports, “According to a US-CERT advisory, the latest bug is a memory corruption issue that occurs when a Word file is rigged with malformed data structures. No other details were made available. Microsoft has not yet issued a formal prepatch advisory but, in a blog entry, Security Program Manager Scott Deacon listed affected software versions as Word 2000, Word 2002, Word 2003 and the Word Viewer 2003.”

“Microsoft plans to issue six security bulletins as part of its December batch of patches, but there are no Office fixes on tap. Unless an out-of-cycle update is shipped, the Word flaws will remain unpatched until at least Jan. 9, 2007,” Naraine reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: One can only hope that the poor bastards who are stuck in “Microsoft’s security response center” qualify for overtime. What a job; a more perfect hell has yet to be constructed. We wonder, has a more inept company ever had so much undeserved success as Microsoft?

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  1. Microsofr needs to start from scratch:

    1) A whole new board with enough teeth to…

    2) Fire top management;

    3) Come up with a whole new business philosophy…

    4) that is transparent, ethical, sensible and prescient;

    5) Clean out the excess staff/bureaucracy getting in the way of development;

    6) Develop a Unix-based secure new OS from scratch, using…

    7) Translation software to read/write/convert/secure legacy files…

    8) into industry-standard formats;

    9) Dump all proprietary media and file formats in favor of open standards…

    10) or de-proprietize their own formats in consultation with industry;

    11) Compete by real product innovation, and…

    12) discard the restrictive monopolistic philosophy that drives the corporation;

    13) Simplify product versions to basic types: consumer/pro; client/server, client/authoring;

    14) Return 25% of cash reserves to shareholders as a mea-culpa dividend,

    15) and 25% of cash reserves to buyers of their new products as a mea-culpa cash-back;

    16) etc., etc., etc. I could go on and on…


    Takeover Apple computer and transition to the Mac Operating System and Apple management,
    committing hara-kiri when the process is complete.

    My bill will be in the mail. MW: “specific”

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