In one week, Nintendo Wii outsells year’s worth of Microsoft Xbox 360 units in Japan

“The Wii has sold more consoles in one week than Microsoft has done in 56 weeks,” Byron Hinson reports for

Partial list:
Console Name – Weekly Units Sold (All-time Units Sold)

Nintendo Wii – 350,358 (350,358)
PlayStation 3 – 31,436 (187,836)
Xbox 360 – 4,053 (178,069)

Full article here.

In related news, “Nintendo’s Wii has become the UK’s fastest-selling home console ever, with more than 100,000 units shifted during opening weekend,” Ellie Gibson reports for

“Nintendo and Chart Track have confirmed to that the Wii has become the fastest-selling home console ever, with 105,000 systems already sold,” Gibson reports. “Last week, Nintendo announced that consumers snapped up 50,000 Wii units within 12 hours of the console going on sale. The tills continued to ring over the next two days, making the Wii the first console to sell more than 100,000 units during its opening weekend.”

Full article here.
Not Apple-related, but may be interesting to some MDN readers. We’re following the story of Nintendo’s Wii for pretty obvious reasons.

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  1. How come Microsoft said last week that the xbox 360 was selling “like hotcakes” in Japan? When I read that I was extremely doubtful, since the 360 is huge with a power supply as big as my hyundai, so I couldn’t believe the Japanese, who are obsessed with small gadgets that conserve space, would welcome that beast into their drawer homes.

  2. Besides the obvious point that Jooop made about the physical size of the XBox 360 and it’s componants, I can’t help but feel there’s some “home grown” mentality at play here..

    Both Sony and Ninendo are Japanese companies, where Microsoft is US, and I’d be willing to bet even if XBox was smaller, lighter and had better games it might get a lukewarm reaction for that reason alone.

  3. The Wii is obviously going to be huge. It’ll probably put Nintendo right back on top again. This proves that however bad the name is, if the product is good enough, it’ll sell.

    The same thing, of course, is happening to Apple. It’ll take a little longer, but I believe that in 2007 the snowball effect of Apple’s sales, which has already started, will gather even more momentum.
    Particularly after the disappointment which will inevitably follow Vista’s introduction to the home market.

  4. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines – AGAIN:

    “The “pretty obvious reasons” for which MDN is “following the story of Nintendo’s Wii” are not so obvious to me. I can think of several reasons…”

    Uh, nevermind.

  5. I am sure all of you Microsoft haters love this. but in all reality. even if apple made a game console it would fail in Japan. Anything US made would fail. they are loyal to their own country.

  6. Nintendo, of course, will also gradually improve the graphics; but only when it’s financially viable.

    Sony and MS wanted the best graphics at any cost – however huge – and this could prove to be a mistake. It means that any substantial dip in the sales of games could mean that they can’t cover the losses they make on the consoles.

    Nintendo’s smart – like Apple.

  7. If apple had some Japanese tie-in it would be doing really well in Japan too… but Japanese people have a penchant for quality small stylish things… “made by a Japanese company” is a big draw… even if Sony probably sells 100x more outside of Japan than in…

    The ipod is holding its own in Japan… however.

  8. @ SJR: “I’m not interested in the Wii either. But this story does illustrate what an utter failure both the Xbox and Xbox 360 have been in Asia. Microsoft hasn’t made any inroads there.”

    While I’m NOT a PS3 fan, as I understand it, the PS3 is selling out each and every box made. There are currently waiting lists for people to buy PS3s even in Japan. This is not the mark of a product failure. It is, if anything, the mark of too poor a production rate.

    IIRC Microsoft did not sell out the 360 in Japan after the first couple of weeks — and may not after the first week or so. The 360 has had relatively poor sales (for many of the reasons given above) in Japan virtually since the start.

    Lumping the two into the same class of “utter failure” is, at this point, flatly inaccurate.

    The reason for the much higher Wii sales figures is that they have had a much greater poduction build up prior to launch. It would have been interesting if Sony really had met their launch goals and seen what their sales figures would have been then.

    A sobering point is that the PS2 is still the highest selling game machine — outpacing all three newcomers in world wide sales.

    We should all check back in six months with all three are in full production, and the initial sales rush is over. Sony has claimed they will have as many as 6 million systems shipped worldwide by the end of June 2007. Let’s see if they sell them all.

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