FileMaker Pro wins awards from top K-12 education publications

FileMaker Pro, the popular database software that has won many awards from technology and educational magazines, has won another two awards. Teaching Pre K-8 selected FileMaker Pro 8.5 to receive its “Editor’s Choice” award as the top educational database software, featured in the November/December 2006 issue. FileMaker Pro also just received a 2006 Legacy Award from Technology & Learning, featured in the December 2006 issue.

FileMaker Pro is used by millions of individuals and workgroups around the world to be more productive and efficient. Business, education and government customers rely on FileMaker to manage people, projects, images, assets and other information. In addition to being the number one-selling easy-to-use database software, the award-winning FileMaker product line also includes low- cost Applications that automate basic business tasks, ready-to-use Starter Solutions, and tools to create and share solutions from the desktop to the web. FileMaker, Inc. is a subsidiary of Apple Computer, Inc.

In awarding its Editor’s Choice designation to FileMaker Pro 8.5, Teaching Pre K-8 said, “databases will never be the same with these technology tools for your classroom.” The review continued by encouraging current users to upgrade, “Even if you are currently a FileMaker user, you will be amazed at the new features in this powerful upgrade from FileMaker, Inc.” (more at

The Legacy Award from Technology & Learning magazine honors products that have stood the test of time and have evolved with the changing technology to continue to offer the highest quality experiences for educators and students. FileMaker Pro has previously received awards from the magazine, most recently an “Outstanding Education Product of the Year” and an “Award of Excellence,” both in 2004.

“FileMaker’s unique combination of ease of use, power and instant productivity has always made it a favorite among educators and administrators,” said Ryan Rosenberg, vice president of marketing and services for FileMaker, in the press release. “We strive to always deliver innovative new tools that help schools in the classroom and the administrative office meet the demands of continuously improving our educational system. We are thrilled to receive these new awards from two of the leading educational publications.”

FileMaker database software helps schools collect, manage and report on student and administrative data. Highly customizable, FileMaker solutions can be rapidly created and modified in real time. More than 10,000 K-12 schools use FileMaker in their data-driven decision-making processes to achieve greater operational efficiency, improve teacher productivity, and deliver innovative classroom educational experiences for students.

Educators can experience a 30-day free trial of FileMaker Pro 8.5, the award-winning database software, which includes the K-12 Education Starter Kit, featuring five education starter solutions, a K-12 resource guide, and a student assessment white paper. The trial can be downloaded at


  1. Ya, I have Filemaker, but I use Panorma from ProVue Development. It’s lightning-fast, has great data entry shortcuts, and is extremely flexible. ProvUe has been a Mac developer since 1984!

    FileMaker looks pretty. Panorama gets the job done.

  2. I use Panorama as well and would recommend it to anyone. Especially if you work with a lot of data. Like Teflon said, it is fast and flexible – and stable as well. When I was still doing avocado research I kept all the data in Panorama and it was a life saver many times over.

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