New memory technology could replace flash and hard drives

“Flash memory and hard-disk drives could face a challenge from a new chip technology, dubbed phase-change memory, being developed by a group of companies led by IBM,” Dan Nystedt reports for Macworld UK.

“The companies on Monday announced the results of their latest research into the technology, which they say will do a better job of storing songs, pictures and other data on iPods and digital cameras than current flash memory, and could one day replace disk drives,” Nystedt reports.

“Among the advances, the companies have built a prototype device that runs 500 times faster than today’s flash memory while using half as much power to write data to a memory cell, they said,” Nystedt reports.

Nystedt reports, “The circuits on the device are much smaller than those on today’s flash chips, measuring just 3 by 20 nanometres, and show that, unlike flash, phase-change memory will be suitable for production on the advanced manufacturing techniques targeted for use in 2015, the companies said.”

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