Apple’s ‘new-to-Mac’ buyers growing in number

“A recent survey of twenty Apple Specialist retailers shows that approximately 25 percent of customers buying Macs are new to the platform and that the figure is likely to keep rising due to the iPod ‘halo effect’ and Apple’s Boot Camp software,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“The survey, conducted by PiperJaffray analyst Gene Munster, also found that the majority of the value added resellers (VARs) are expecting to sell more Macs during the current quarter than they did during the three-mond period ending late September,” Marsal reports.

Marsal reports, “Although Apple has stated in recent quarterly conference calls that over 50 percent of Mac buyers at its own retail chain are new to the Mac, the analyst pointed out that Apple Specialist stores ‘have a lower new-to-Mac average given they typically serve more of the professional users and existing Mac faithful customer base. We see, therefore, the 25 percent new-to-Mac number at these stores as a fairly high number,’ he told clients in a summary of his survey findings on Monday.”

“Munster also reported that 60 percent of the 20 Apple Specialists indicated that they expect Mac sales in the December quarter to be up from those during the September quarter,” Marsal reports.

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  1. the conversion rate is higher than any survey could ever show. Many people are seriously buying Macs instead of waiting for Vista PC’s to come out. My support business has been booming because of this.
    I have seen some die hard Microsoft supporters give in tho this juggernaught. Its awsome to see their face when you plug it in and it works with almost no tweaking!

  2. Jake,

    20 is a small sample when looking at the number of computer owners in the USA.

    20 is not a small sample when looking at the number of Mac VAR’s in the USA. I live in a city of over 1 million. We have only 3 Mac VAR’s and one of those is a Camera store. Remember big box stores, like Best Buy, that carry Macs too, are not Mac VAR’s. There is no value added at Best Buy.

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