Apple using ‘iPhone’ as diversion?

“There have been reports around the Web that Apple’s much-rumored iPhone has been delayed and/or that it’ll be a flop,” Jason D. O’Grady blogs for ZDNet. “Then it occurred to me – could iPhone be a diversion?”

“Apple engages in a fair amount of misinformation in the lead up to Macworld Expo San Francisco too. They’ve been known to selectively leak plausible-sounding stories to various rumor sites around the Web to throw us off the scent. Sometimes there are so many different Macworld Expo rumors that it’s virtually impossible to tell the credible from the decoys,” O’Grady writes. “What if iPhone is just a decoy?”

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  1. iPhone does not make sense.
    i think iPhone was started because Apple feared phones with music capabilities would hurt ipod sales. but it does not.
    The phone business is much to difficult to enter into.
    Deals with phone companies have to be made, new phones seem to come out weekly and Apple does not have that quick turnaround. apple is lucky to get 1-2 versions of its product out each year.

  2. Damacies,

    If it is a decoy, its diverting attention from a full blown PDA or tablet computing device. Heck, even if its not diverting attention I still think Apple has got to be working on a new personal computing device of somekind.

  3. A simple to use Mac compatible smart phone makes a lot of sense. Apple would be stupid to at least not explore the possibility. At this point in time it would need to be Windows compatible as well.

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