Nintendo beefs up Wiimote’s strap after controllers go flying

“Seems customers are discovering that Nintendo’s new Wii gaming console, which debuted last month and has a signature game controller that responds to users’ body movements, may have an unintended side effect: game controllers flying around living rooms and smashing into lamps, windows, televisions and foreheads,” Tom Zeller, Jr. reports for The New York Times.

“The wireless controller, called the Wii Remote, is designed to attach to the wrist with a strap, and permits users to emulate the motions of games they are playing — a bowling stroke, say, or a tennis serve. Many users, though, are apparently using the game with more enthusiasm, perhaps, than Nintendo’s testers anticipated, and they are apparently saying the strap breaks a bit too easily,” Zeller, Jr. reports.

Full article here. has photos of, naturally, Wii damage here:

“Looks like Nintendo has learned a bit after reports of Wii Remotes crashing into TV sets. They’ve increased the thickness of the remotes in the latest shipment of Wii’s that was recently released in Australia,” Nick Starr reports.

Photos of the new, beefier straps here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “wandering joe” and “skepticus” for the heads up.]
Not Apple-related, but may be interesting to some MDN readers. We’re following the story of Nintendo’s Wii for pretty obvious reasons.

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  1. Improved straps in currently shipping models, but no recall on the thin straps out in the field.

    Oh, well. We’re not idiots and have been enjoying our wii for weeks (wiiks?) now. Fun to check out the fools’ damage, though!

  2. Ergonomics was certainly not considered when this device was designed. I somehow doubt that they tested the product with children. Judging from the damage, I would classify this as an outdoor toy. Perhaps Nintendo should stick with simple things, like bats and frisbies.

    It’s only a matter of time when you hear things like, “Johnny, you better not be playing with that Wii in the house”!


  3. LOL! Months ago the first thing I said was “how many tv set are gonna get destroyed by that thing.” How could a company that large not figure that one out? It took me less than 10 seconds to see the ramifications of a motion based controller in the hands of a six year old.

    You should have seen the damage I caused in the 70’s with my flimsy, plastic tube on a flashlight lightsaber.

    I love it when I’m right. Feels good.

    And remember, people don’t kill people, wii’s kill people.

  4. My son was one of those camped out all night for the Wii, and I had him buy an extra controller for me. I was amused at how many warnings there were to keep the strap tight, not let go of the controller, keep under control, etc. I thought it was a bunch of overkill due to the rare expected lawsuit. I am cracking up over the apparent wide spread idiocy.

    It’s simple. Don’t let go of the controller. Is that so hard? (I can do it even while hitting home runs and slashing with swords).

  5. Some of these hoax Wii damage photos on the web are hilarious, but some appear to be taken seriously by various press.

    Can you imagine the force it would take to embed that Wiimote in that TV? And to not have a scratch on the Wiimote itself?

    It’s amazing what people will do to get up a class action.

    Wonder if we’ll also be seeing …

    my Wii is discolored

    my Nunchuck has scratches

  6. Hate to be a “me too” post but, seriously, WTF are people doing with these things? My five year old has been spazzing out with it for two weeks. The strap hasn’t broken and he hasn’t even dropped it or thrown it.

  7. I was, like, playing with my Wii, and like, the thing just shot outta my hands and then, like, it hit the tube and, dude, my old man was sooo pisssed, cause he was waitin to see Babewatch, only now, the the picture has more cracks than a Brittany Spears photo op.

    Those cats at Nintendo owe me some serious dough, man, or my name ain’t K-SilverSpoonFed.


    MW:medical, as in “I need some dough for the ass-whoopin I got, too.”

  8. This sure looks like Microsoft’s FUD department working overtime. They scratched the hell out of the G1 Nanos and even supplied the lawyers for the class action suits.

    Are they that afraid of the Wii that they are at it again?

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