Computerworld: Apple’s Safari is best Web browser for Mac users

“If you’re reading this browser roundup on any of Apple Computer Inc.’s laptops or desktops, chances are good that you’re doing so with Apple’s own Safari Web browser,” Ken Mingis reports for Computerworld.

“The nice thing about Safari, which is now up to Version 2.0.4 and will be updated yet again early next year when Apple releases Mac OS X 10.5 ‘Leopard,’ is that it comes out of the box with just about every feature you’ll need to cruise along on the Web safely and securely. It’s also only for Macs, so Windows and Linux fans, you’re out of luck,” Mingis reports.

“Safari’s Web rendering is based on the KDE project’s open-source KHTML layout engine, and I’ve found it to be as fast as any other browser in Mac land,” Mingis reports. “Think easy. Think intuitive.”

Mingis reports, “Safari emerged in Apple land in January 2003 [and] having Apple’s developers come up with their own take on browsing was a godsend.”

“Of course, what matters is how well an application works. And Apple has gotten the little things right in Safari,” Mingis reports.

Mingis covers various Safari features in his full article, “Safari: Tops for Macs,” here.

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  1. Camino and Shiira over Safari for me, but iCab is my online/offline tool of choice – great archiving; browse cache by filetype, files of a website, links manager, filters manager and even error report. No popups on this baby, and any irritating ad can be banished forever using wildcard characters. That said, it’s clear that Mac users have a lot of choice. All of my html mail gets inspected in iCab offline – f*ck spammers!

  2. I like a use Safari as my main browser. I will occasionally use Firefox or even Netscape but prefer Safari. At work I must us a PC so I use Firefox there. Far superior to IE but I would rather use Safari. Still… isn’t is great that there are so many choices in browsers for OSX?

    Oh and @Hywel, that does seem dumb to have non-region specific searching. Maybe the next version will address that.

  3. macaday – how about – the choice to color tabs? Same goes with bookmarks.

    Really – it comes down to ones individual workflow. And what would help out. You probably don’t work at the pace I do, nor use Safari as a production tool.

    Your comment is strang. I’ll leave it at that.

  4. Firefox always runs much faster than Safari on my 2 PowerPC-based Macs and on 2 Intel-based Macs that my friends own. I don’t understand it, but page rendering is visibly slower to the naked eye in Safari than in Firefox.

  5. Since Firefox and Opera are available on all platforms, and IE isn’t really in the running for “best browser”… when Compuworld says that Safari is “tops for Mac,” they are effectively saying that Safari is the best browser, period.

  6. I’ve tried them all… Firefox, Camino, Flock, OmniWeb, Opera… but I always go back to Safari. While it’s not perfect… and what is.. it’s simple, clean, fast… just plain elegant. For the few places Safari can’t take me, I use Firefox.

    There are some nice add-ons that I use that make it MUCH better.

    Concierge is bookmarking on steroids! There’s too much to explain here, but for $10, it’s a huge timesaver!

    Then there’s SafarIcon, which let’s me change Safari’s nasty default buttons.

    Then there’s Safari Extender. It beefs up Safari’s Contextual Menus and adds a bunch of functionality. I use it to deal with tabs. It’s another $10 and worth it.

  7. I have been in the USA for the last 4 months and I notice that Google gives different results than it did back in Australia. At least the governmental agencies and Australian organisations that used to be top on the list of returned items are way down on the list when you do the search from the USA.

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