Computerworld: Apple’s Safari is best Web browser for Mac users

“If you’re reading this browser roundup on any of Apple Computer Inc.’s laptops or desktops, chances are good that you’re doing so with Apple’s own Safari Web browser,” Ken Mingis reports for Computerworld.

“The nice thing about Safari, which is now up to Version 2.0.4 and will be updated yet again early next year when Apple releases Mac OS X 10.5 ‘Leopard,’ is that it comes out of the box with just about every feature you’ll need to cruise along on the Web safely and securely. It’s also only for Macs, so Windows and Linux fans, you’re out of luck,” Mingis reports.

“Safari’s Web rendering is based on the KDE project’s open-source KHTML layout engine, and I’ve found it to be as fast as any other browser in Mac land,” Mingis reports. “Think easy. Think intuitive.”

Mingis reports, “Safari emerged in Apple land in January 2003 [and] having Apple’s developers come up with their own take on browsing was a godsend.”

“Of course, what matters is how well an application works. And Apple has gotten the little things right in Safari,” Mingis reports.

Mingis covers various Safari features in his full article, “Safari: Tops for Macs,” here.

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  1. There are lots of good browsers for the mac, but I always come back to Safari. I like the tab and resize behaviors, and rarely have any rendering problems. Having said that, I look for more speed in the next version.

  2. nope –

    while I like what safaris does – they won’t expand it’s functionality.

    I very much use it as a tool in my daily work as a web developer.

    But I would like colored tabs and they ignore my plea’s.

    That is one of many issues.

    I love Firefox – not as many features – but web developer add ons are great.

  3. Shiira is cool, Flock is pretty cool (it also supports all the Firefox add-ons), but aside from all the bells and whistles, I do always come back to Safari for two simple reasons, its bookmark support and integrated Spotlight to search history and bookmarks. In my daily work, this is a priceless process management tool.

    Also for the add-on fans, check out

  4. Sorry, but I still love Opera. I love the zoom capability, one-click bookmarks down the left side of the window and that it remembers all my tabs when I quit and restart the program (and the multitude of skins is nice too).

  5. I would say that I love Shiira, but that I will wait to use it till 2.0 becomes stable or until it is actually released. It just looks so much better, is so functional, and beats out Safari any day… but until then… I’ll use Safari as Shiira 1.2 is ugly

  6. There is a problem with Safari, that does not appear, say, with Firefox.

    When you try to open https pages, the server asks for a certificate to allow you watching the pages. If there is the good certificate installed, fine, Safari opens the page. If Safari does not have ANY certificate installed, the server allows to watch certain pages without certificate. BUT, and this is a big BUT:

    If Safari has certificate installed, and none are accepted by the server, Safari fails to offer opening the pages WITHOUT certificate (as permitted by the server) and shows an error page saying not valid certificate. Firefox instead cascades into allowing watching the pages with the no-certificat entry pass allowed by the server.

    Does anyone encountered this in respective organizations? Is there a known workaround. Till a fix is found it is Firefox for me.

  7. “I would like colored tabs” – and that is a major issue??

    I also disagree with the request, most websites are already a cacophony of (often clashing) colours, and adding more on the tabs above would be ridiculous. ..Or exactly the sort of unsubtle mess you have in Windows.

    Sorry to slate your view.

  8. My experience is similar to Connor MacBook’s: Safari bogs down after awhile, but quitting it and relaunching totally cures the problems. For me this happens maybe once a week. Perhaps something with memory management? Anyway, I’ve tried others but keep coming back to Safari. I appreciate the competition from other browsers though, as it keeps things getting better and better.

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