Apple ‘iPhone’ could cause Nokia, Palm, Motorola, and RIM to really start to sweat

“For the better part of the past two years, there have been rumours that Apple Computer Inc. was about to launch an iPhone, a supercool device with all the same sexy features as the company’s wildly popular iPod digital music players, but with the added ability to make cellphone calls,” Mathew Ingram reports for The Globe and Mail.

Ingram reports, “Those rumours have gained substantial traction over the past few weeks. First, a Taiwanese financial newspaper said that a local firm had won a contract to make 12 million music-playing mobile phone handsets for Apple. Then, on Nov. 30, Apple filed a patent application for a combination phone and music player (the company also reportedly owns the domain”

“Analyst Gene Munster of brokerage firm Piper Jaffray, who said in September that Apple would likely launch an iPhone within four to six months, wrote in his latest research report that he now expects the launch to come at the annual Macworld Expo in San Francisco on Jan. 9,” Ingram reports. “The iPhone rumours have been fuelled by many things, including a seemingly unquenchable desire on the part of Apple fans to have the company’s distinctive logo plastered on everything important in their lives. But there is also a business case to be made for the company’s entry into the market.”

MacDailyNews Take: And on everything trivial in our lives, too. wink Thankfully, Apple provides logo stickers with every Mac.

Ingram continues, “Much like the digital music player market was when Apple came out with the iPod, the cellphone business is hardly a technological frontier, with billions of people owning mobile phones. At the same time, however, there is a lack of well-designed, easy to use and attractive cellphones on the market… There are also few phones that combine a cellphone and a music player with any degree of success… That means there may still be a market opportunity… One thing is for sure: If the iPhone rumours do turn out to be true, it will crank up the heat even further in what is already a hotly competitive market, and companies like Nokia, Palm, Motorola, and Research In Motion could really start to sweat.”

Full article here.
Ingram gets it. He should explain it to CNET’s Michael Kanellos who thinks today’s cell phones are “really good.”

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  1. Real IT guy
    My 2200 lb Battery Expansion Pack And Generator is ready and waiting. Want to buy a product RED motorola, it’s a sexy lump of crap. I need to leave this complicated interface to folks who enjoy reading a fifty page instruction book. I just want a simple, simple phone that updates when it connects to my mac. A ring tone by Roger Waters would be nice too. xx

  2. Oh koolaid,

    Just in case you don’t know what zuned means. My nearest description would be hot brown butt mud. You could also call it a shart. Of course these are just your run of the mill street terms for a nasty condition brought on by aggressive overconfidence. I just think they happen to fit the bill.

    nyuk nyuk nyuk

  3. Don’t pass the koolaid:

    It hasn’t been done WELL yet. In my opinion, the best cell phone/music players out there are the top-of-the-line Sony Ericsson models, K750 and up. Great GUI, easy to use, small, amazing cameras, etc.

    But I just KNOW Apple can do better.


  4. It’s all Apple’s fault that the new MS Office 2007 Open XML file standard is not to your liking. Here’s to the fanboys…


    In case you don’t like the truth, here’s a clip from the article:

    “Citing major collaborative contributions from a dozen companies and institutions, including Novell, *****Apple*****, Intel, the British Library, and the US Library of Congress, the Ecma International standards body today approved what will now be called Ecma Open XML – formerly Microsoft’s “Office Open XML” – as an international standard for document formatting.”

    Truth hurts.

  5. R

    I like your analogy. A hold-em-from-flopping that failed. Microsoft reminds me of a descriptive word picture someone I worked with once told me. Impotence = Kinda like shooting pool with a rope.

    nyuk nyuk nyuk

  6. “The iPhone rumours have been fuelled by many things…”

    Including, it appears, a desire not to learn anything from the past.

    Tech sector prognosticators, analysts and others crawl out of the woodwork with predictions and/or analysis about how Apple will clean up or fail with such a product.

    And they’ve been doing it at this time of the year for at least two years.

    IMHO, it aint gonna happen. And..yes, I know..that’s a prediction, too.

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