CNET editor James Kim found dead in Oregon wilderness

“The dead body of missing CNET editor James Kim has been located, authorities announced Wednesday,” Leslie Katz reports for CNET News.

“Arrangements are being made to transport Kim to an undisclosed location, according to a police statement. Kim has been missing in the remote southwestern Oregon wilderness for 11 days. The family has asked not to be contacted,” Katz reports.

“After being rescued in good condition Monday, Kim’s 30-year-old wife, Kati, and daughters Penelope (4 years) and Sabine (7 months) have been reunited with family members,” Katz reports.

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“The body of a San Francisco man who had walked into the Oregon wilderness to summon help for his stranded family was found Wednesday in a steep ravine where he had left clues for searchers,” CNN reports. “Officials confirmed that James Kim, 35, an editor at the Web site CNET, had been found dead.”

“Brian Anderson, Undersheriff of Josephine County, broke down and could not finish speaking as he announced that Kim’s body was found at 3:03 p.m. ET,” CNN reports.

“Searchers were attempting to remove Kim’s body, and his family members have requested that their privacy be respected, officials said,” CNN reports. “Kim walked into the snowy Oregon mountains Saturday to find help for his wife and two young daughters. They were rescued by searchers on Monday.”

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Tragic. Our condolences to the Kim family.

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  1. curious: what were the clues he left?

    He took some clothes with him and left a trail of them to follow. It appears he also began to remove his own clothes when he ran out of the ones he had been carrying. I believe the extreme cold got to him be became disoriented and then…well, Hypothermia…not way I’d want to go.

    He was a brave and caring man, from what I’ve read, and his actions to go in search of help prove that. It is tragic and sad that he would have been alive had he remained with the car. 🙁 My condolences go out to his family and friends.

  2. Was this guy some sort of celebrity in the US or?..


    No, he wasn’t a celebrity, but this story has been big in the news lately because he was missing for 11 days… Search crews were looking for him and his family for some time.

  3. They say that when hypothermia sets in, you paradoxically begin to feel warm. At first, the body tries to protect the internal organs by pulling all the warm blood into the body by constricting the cappillaries (that’s why your extremities like hands and feet get cold first). With continued exposure to col, however, violent shuddering starts to set in and then the body realizes that it needs to send some blood back out to the extremities or it will lose them.

    Basically, the human body doesn’t really know how to deal with cold so you get this cycling effect. In the end, because the blood is flowing back out through the capillaries, you get a false feeling of warmth, but that’s usually when your minutes away from death. Victims have been known to take off their clothese because of this false feeling of warmth.

    James Kim was a brave man, may he rest in peace.

  4. There are rules to follow when traveling in the wilderness in the dead of winter. You need weather forecast info, extra clothing, water, food, fuel, a heat source, GPS capability and a sat phone wouldn’t go amiss. Even a supply of toilet paper is important. No one endangers young family members on purpose. Anyone can get lost easily. You must be prepared.

    Attempting to walk out to find help for your family was a deadly mistake many of us would have made. You can’t let yourself get into that position. A breakdown can occur anywhere at any time. At least he knew enough to burn the tires to keep warm. People have frozen to death without trying that.

    He was a brave man who did what he could.

    My heart goes out to his family.

  5. “Was this guy some sort of celebrity in the US or?..”

    He was an editor at a tech website which is a site that reviews tech products including Apple’s. Many people who use Macs frequent their website for product reviews if you were wondering why this made MDN.

    Sad, so sad. The thing is, this guy will always be a hero to his family and I’m sure his wife will certainly tell his daughters when they are older the story of how their father died trying to save them. What a way to tell your family you truly love them.

    RIP JK

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