RUMOR: Apple may enter video game market

“A recent series of checks by Prudential analyst Jesse Tortora indicate that Apple Computer has hired video game designers and may have aspirations of entering the video game market in long-term,” Prince McLean reports for AppleInsider.

“‘We think the video game market represents a distinct possibility for Apple, especially considering that it recently announced the availability of video games for its iPod through its iTunes store,’ the analyst told clients in a research note on Monday,” McLean reports.

McLean reports, “Tortora said Apple’s design superiority, along with its well-recognized brand name, is sure to provide the company an advantage should it decide to enter the market. He said the company could approach the video game sector in one of two ways — via a home game console or a handheld device.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rainy Day” for the heads up.]


  1. With the upcoming iPhone and a new iPod w/ a bigger screen, I can only assume that they would be developing games for either or both of those. They already manufactur computer hardware to run games, why would they develope a whole new console in the already ever changing and unpredictable market.

  2. “A recent series of checks…”

    I want to know wtf this means, please.
    Checks with who?
    You brother-in-law?
    Your barista?

    Do you just walk onto the campus and Cupertino and start talking to anyone that happens by?

    Please tell us what this process entails, because I’ve certainly heard enough about it lately.


    MW: ‘choice’ (is yours – switch now, or spend at least 5 more fun-filled years on NT)

  3. In other “news”, checks indicated Apple has hired a new fry cook for the lunch room. This indicates Apple may enter the fast food market.

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    MW ’07 can’t come soon enough to quench the usual flurry of bullshit rumors.

  4. As much as Apple “is a hardware company”, I’d like to see Mac games designed by them in-house. If their OS and other software is so good, couldn’t their games also be that?

    MW: ‘job’ as in ‘now there’s a new job for Jobs’.

  5. This is just stupid!!!

    Why the F*** would Apple wanne take on the PSP???

    It cost far less, and pretty much does the same things, except for one:

    The PSP has 5000 times better graphics, and since it’s sony, they actually have a market…

    If Apple do this, I won’t buy any more iPods!

    (when they unleased the current games, I felt embarrased)

  6. Well for one I think this is a long term research thing. They may use these guys for ipod games but lets look at Apples competition as far as the iPod goes and the “Digital living room”.

    iPod – apple got into the mp3 market and changed it forever. Now they are going to do a phone. They are doing it because people are buying the mp3 phones now. Each sale of one of those is one not going to them and the iPod brand. They had to get in so they can keep up but the did it on there terms. They will have a great phone/mp3 player that can be another member of the iPod family.

    “Digital Living Room” – Apple sells, music, Tv shows and now movies on the Mac. Well they now have enough people to offer the iTV so we can get our stuff on any TV in our house along with any iPod or computer or soon Phone. They have a huge lead on the others but what they do not have is DVR and games to complete the whole package. I think they will sell the iTV as is first no had drive to see how it goes. Then in a couple of months they will release a new mini that will be a plug in play device to the iTV but with more features like DVR but with a feature that if you want to keep a show longer than a few days you can download it from iTunes for a reduced fee since it is already there. I just paid $399 for a Xbox so I could play Halo 2 and soon Halo 3. That is the only reason I have it. That price is not much smaller than a mac mini but it is not a computer. I think if apple can get kind of game service thru the iTV then people will get a mine to play games with and use as a computer. Xbox is doing movies now. Eventually apple will have to add some kind of game function to keep there lead above the Xbox as an all in one.

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