NVIDIA graphics chip for next-gen Apple video iPod delayed?

“NVIDIA Corp. is moving into unsteady waters. The company is readying a lower-margin integrated chipset for PCs, while it has also delayed a graphics chip for use in Apple Computer Inc.’s next-generation video iPod line, according to an analyst,” Mark LaPedus reports for EE Times.

“‘We have talked about NVIDIA replacing Broadcom for the next-generation Apple video iPod socket in July 2006,’ said Satya Chillara, an analyst with Pacific Growth Equities LLC. ‘At this point, our checks indicate the mobile graphics processor tape out has been pushed to Q2/Q3 of CY:07, from Q1 of CY:07. We think this could cause some instability to NVIDIA’s revenue momentum for the first half of CY:07,'” LaPedus reports. “What impact this will have on the next-generation video iPod is unclear.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]
Well, if Apple designed the next-gen iPod with the NVIDIA part in mind and planned its debut for Macworld in January, then the impact on the next-gen iPod seems pretty clear to us. Maybe this is good news for Broadcom?


  1. To the nay-sayers that posit that Apple should stay out of the Tablet space, I bring three things for you to think about:

    1- The number of tablet PCs is not that far different from the number of Macs sold during the same period. Otherwise there is a big enough market.

    2- Utility companies, field engineers, hospitals, lawyers and more than a few scientific types have been steadily warming up to the concept. A thin-client slate would not have to be very powerful, large, heavy or expensive and would give Apple increased potential in these high-margin markets.

    3- Given the history of the Newton and OS X’s built-in handwriting recognition, it’s doable without a great dal of additional development. The tablet computer, especially thin-clint units, will be a rapidly growing market in the enterprise and education markets. Does Apple really want to cede this market to Microsoft?

  2. This is total crap- more anti-Apple FUD. The RUMORED Nvidia chip is RUMORED to be delayed by several quarters?

    I call BS. Apple has not used Nvidia chips in it’s iPods, and sure as hell wouldn’t switch horses unless they had an ironclad guarantee the chips would be available in quantity.

    Nvidia sweet-talked Steve Jobs into using their chips, and now are going to screw him??


    These rumor-mongerers make the iPod/Apple media dance like spastic organ-grinder monkeys… Gee, how can we prop up our share price short term? I KNOW! Lets spread a rumor that Apple’s gonna use one of our (fill in the blank) in their next iPod/iMac/Macbook etc etc etc…

    Either that, or it’s the “analysts” and Windoze columnists, latched forever onto the M$ teat, creating some Strawman BS rumored product out of whole cloth that they can then claim to be an “Apple failure” when it fails to materialize.

    When these morons say, ‘according to our market checks”, what they mean is, “according to what I just pulled out of my ass” – there are no “market checks” for RUMORED Apple products – these frigtards have NO idea what Steve is up to.

    With this much FUD spewing from everywhere, you might think we’re leading into the holiday buying season… or Macworld San Francisco…

    Oh, wait…

  3. Gimme a break.

    Anyone that knows anything about the product development cycle knows this report is crap. If Apple is readying a new “true” video iPod for MacWorld, then development (including high level decisions like *chip manufacturer*) is already done.

    Seeing as we’re in the beginning of December, these new iPods would already be in the manufacturing/production phase in order to be on shelves in January.

    Apple’s product pipeline tends to be at least a year out. I doubt there’s some mad scramble in Cupertino to find a new chip manufacturer for an iPod due in 30 days.

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