MSNBC gets Mac friendly

“It was probably a painful decision for Redmond to admit defeat, but [ videos were] losing eyeballs and ad revenue on a daily basis. If you wanted to watch video on’s site, you had to be using Internet Explorer on a PC. But as the Macintosh user base grew (thanks to the iPod) and more and more people started using the FireFox web browser, Microsoft saw their audience start to shrink. Microsoft had to finally face the fact that they needed a cross-platform video player that worked with other web browsers,” “methodshop” reported recently for

“Charlie Tillinghast, president and publisher of, had this to say in a company email ‘We have been pushing for a player that works on Mac and Firefox for a long time and are eager to see it launch… Some people assume that Microsoft, and by extension MSNBC, are anti-Mac, but it should be noted that Microsoft makes an outstanding version of Office for the Mac, including the Entourage email system. I purchased a new iMac in anticipation of this release and we have several in use at MSNBC itself,'” methodshop reported.

Full article here.

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  1. I thought I remembered reading awhile back that MS and NBC are planning to break ties altogether in the next year or so, and that there was talk of MSNBC changing it’s name when that happens. Sound familiar to anyone else?

  2. Yea, I had heard that story about MSNBC too but you know how the rumors are spread on the internet, especially these type of web sites. Haven’t heard any more on it and it’s been awhile. Except what I read here.
    Yahoo! is also a sucky site as well when it comes to macs, if not worse.

  3. The bigger question is why have they not used QuickTime from the beginning or why MS stopped writing Media Player for the Mac.

    If either of those had been done, then they would have had a “…player that works on the Mac…”

  4. ndelc, NBC and MS did break ties on the MSNBC cable television channel; NBC wholly owns it now, and there has been talk of renaming it. But they continued their joint ownership of the web site, to which this article refers.

  5. loki capret: Microsoft is going to be seeing more than just their audiences shrinking…

    yea, their ding-a-ling is shrinking too. too many steroids in the formative years…

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