FUD Alert: CNET tries to equate Windows’ insecurity to handful of Mac OS X proof-of-concepts

“Microsoft unleashed Windows Vista for business users this week. The long-awaited operating system offers many security improvements over its predecessor Windows XP, but that doesn’t mean users will be safe from hackers. CNET News.com’s Joris Evers and CNET’s Robert Vamosi predict cyber break-ins will continue, in particular via applications that run on top of Vista,” CNET News reports.

“And while Vista may be available to business users today, installing it and connecting a Vista PC to the Internet is not wise. Only one of the top four security vendors–McAfee–has antivirus tools ready for the new operating system. Microsoft itself advises users not to run Vista without antivirus software,” CNET News reports. “Apple Computer’s Mac OS X could offer an alternative, but it also isn’t without flaws. Apple this week offered a patch for 31 Mac OS X-related security holes, including a zero-day flaw. The Mac maker also left some flaws unpatched and saw a sample adware program target its operating system.”

Full article with link to podcast here.

MacDailyNews Take: Who does CNET think their readers are, drooling idiots who are incapable of seeing the vast gulf between Windows and Mac OS X security and the effects on end users? They must. The reason you see this sort of bullshit on CNET and elsewhere is because, according to IDC analyst Marcel Warmerdam, for every $1 that Vista earns for Microsoft, it will pump a minimum of $12 into the global economy. Billions upon billions of dollars are riding on duping people into continuing along with Windows. That’s really what they mean by “long-awaited.” If protecting the Windows hegemony means distorting all sorts of things to make Apple’s Mac platform look like an unacceptable alternative, then so be it. They really have no other defense for the indefensible Windows except for FUD when comparing to Apple Mac OS X’s stellar record of protecting their users’ security. The fact is that Mac OS X users, using only common sense, surf the Net with impunity while Windows sufferers most certainly do not.

According to CNET: CNET News.com strives to meet the highest editorial standards for accuracy and completeness in its reporting.

When you stop laughing enough to click your mouse, contact:
Jai Singh: CNET Editor-in-chief: jais@cnet.com
Joris Evers: CNET Security Bites Podcast: joris.evers@cnet.com

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  1. “MacDailyNews Take: Who does CNET think their readers are, drooling idiots who are incapable of seeing the vast gulf between Windows and Mac OS X security and the effects on end users?”

    Unforunately, CNET may be right about that. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”oh oh” style=”border:0;” />

  2. The use of the word “Unleashed” is definitely creative writing. From what I can tell it’s more like – “finally pushed it out the door.”

    Secondly – if you still have to run Virus & spy ware protection on Vista. What’s the improvement?

    Get a Mac and save your Virus/Spyware protection money. Buy something nice for yourself instead. Like a new iPod.

  3. True, CNET is ridiculously anti mac and also loves to talk about how other mp3 plays-including Zune- are way better than the ipod (come on, is fm really that important?!!). That said, my heart goes out to the still missing CNET editor James Kim and his family, may they all return home safely…

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