Guy Kawasaki speaks to Woz in hour-long video interview

“A one-hour video interview between Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and original Mac Evangelist Guy Kawasaki is available to view online,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK.

“It was filmed at the Commonwealth Club of Silicon Valley, where Woz showed up to promote his book iWoz,” Evans reports.

“The Apple co-founder talks about his book, his youth and his early days at Apple. He also discusses the best and the worst experiences of his life, what he’s engaged in at present, and offers his notions on product design,” Evans reports.

Full article with link to the video here.


  1. Well Woz aint no spring chicken any more so why shouldn’t he play?

    And as far as boasting is concerned. I know brainiac inventor types and believe me. They always seem like that. However It’s more like an enthusiasm, a pride of their accomplishment and possibly an exclamation of surprise at what they have achieved. And it seems to be what they use to drive them on to invent more cool things. If they believed they were not all that clever or forced themselves to not be enthusiastic about their creations then they would probably not even get out of bed in the morning. It’s not really boasting. I remember when I built my first simple cocoa app in Objective-C. It was a total hack job that allowed you to put a price into a text field and press a button and it would remove tax from a price and display an accurate pre-tax price to 4 decimal places. I could have written it in like 10 minutes in PHP but I wanted to learn xcode so I persevered.

    I was blown away and showed all my mates and thought it was way cool. A real Cocoa App.

    It was so basic but I was proud of it. I told some guy on a forum (I forget which one) and he told me to “stop bragging as that would be piss easy to do”. He just didn’t get it.

    I was proud of my little achievement and I guess so is the Woz…

    Only difference is he invented the first true Personal Computer with a keyboard and video output….

  2. British Mac Head,

    I understand your point, and you state it well. It’s just the

    way he called himself a genius at one point, it rubbed me

    the wrong way (oh rub me, rub me). I work with engineers

    daily, so I understand your sentiment. But, I more admire

    a forward loooking attitude. When Jobs is interviewed, he

    shows a little more class and humility. He has the

    “don’t stop and congratulate yourself, but move on to

    the next great thing” mentality. I like it.

  3. British Mac Head

    Ok, let me put it in a way that perhaps you might understand:

    Woz has done in the last 30 years as the Brits have done for the development of the computer industry…. not much

    What gives me the right to judge him? The fact that he insist on being on the public eye and i on on aligning himself with Apple although by Jobs own admission he has nothing to do with it. Yes he owns stock but so do many people on this forum.

    In a sentence;

    Woz was a one trick pony. nothing wrong with that just a has been that refuses to go away.
    we thank him for his contribution of the hard drive controller in the 70’s now go away.


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