Guy Kawasaki speaks to Woz in hour-long video interview

“A one-hour video interview between Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and original Mac Evangelist Guy Kawasaki is available to view online,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK.

“It was filmed at the Commonwealth Club of Silicon Valley, where Woz showed up to promote his book iWoz,” Evans reports.

“The Apple co-founder talks about his book, his youth and his early days at Apple. He also discusses the best and the worst experiences of his life, what he’s engaged in at present, and offers his notions on product design,” Evans reports.

Full article with link to the video here.


  1. Why didn’t he tell him to shut his mouth and not talk about things which he has no clue about, he knows less about Apple doings than you and I do – Jobs would love this guy to move on and cease the association

  2. Everybody needs to stop hating on Woz. He’s the single most important person in Apple’s history. Without Woz, there is no Jobs.

    Yes, he’s a doddering old man now (mentally, anyway) but his thoughts are not without genius, and he HAS EARNED YOUR RESPECT. Give it to him.

  3. The 70’s are long gone, just because Woz was a key player then does not make him a genious now – The inventor of the phonograph if he could should not speak with authority on CD technology of companies which he is not involved with.

    Woz has a place in history but not in today’s Apple and I think that is what zero is refering to,

  4. What has he done in the past three decades since he left? He needs to find something better to do instead of racing with Sagway! He’s gotten fat; at least he can do something about it, like excise. Having lot’s of mula but nothing meaningful to do is plain sad! What happened to his “WOZ”? What vision?

  5. Zero, botox,

    What gives you the right to criticize Woz?

    As for what he has done in the last couple of decades. Why the hell does that matter and what the hell does it have to do with you guys?

    Did you even watch the whole interview?

    As far as technology is concerned he has contributed far more to computer innovation than Bill Gates ever will. And he either invented or massively improved every technology he worked on.

    I suggest you read the Post Apple Career section of the wikipedia page on him. I will ask you one thing fellas. What have either of you (or any of the other guys that are negatively ctiticising Woz on here) ever done that will make you be remembered by a subset of the world communities or set your name down in history. I guess nothing!!!

    Woz is an important cog in the machine of computer innovation history and anything he has done or not done since his last great contribution makes NO difference to that fact.

    He is also a very generous man and never really let his genius go to his head.

  6. Woz does have the vision, no question. But he doesn’t appear to have the drive to actualize things anymore. He likes to play, and his heart is most definitely in the right place; but I’m not sure he has much more to contribute besides stories of the good old days. Hey, nothing wrong with a good story!

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