BenQ uses smoldering 9/11 ground zero WTC ruins to sell MP3 players

In either an obvious attempt to gin up publicity for their new dog tag-shaped ‘MusiQ’ 512MB, US$89 MP3 player or in a display of shockingly pure ignorance and/or amazingly bad taste, BenQ is using an image of the 9/11 World Trade Center ruins, complete with fluttering pieces of paper, search lights, and animated black smoke billowing out of the smoldering remains at Ground Zero, on their Chinese web site.

Roughly translated, the text next to the boy reads, “I believe music makes hope.” Gizmodo translates it as, “”Even if the world is destroy[ed] to dust, I still believe in music.”

We believe BenQ makes disgusting advertising.

Therefore – not that there was any chance anyway – we will not buy any BenQ product and advise our 3+ million unique visitors per month to boycott BenQ as well until the image is pulled and the company publicly apologizes. To be perfectly clear: BenQ can choose to use any imagery they want, just as we can choose not to buy any products from BenQ.

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  1. Boy – that’s gonna hurt BenQ – a boycott from MacDailyNews/iPod DailyNews…

    While we’re at it, why don’t we get all coke employees to stop buying pepsi; all ford employees to stop buying chevys; and all amd employees to stop buying intel chips……..

    Not that I don’t love you MDN, but really……

  2. DreamTheEndless,

    I applaud MDN for the boycott. It will help – along with Engadget, Gizmodo, and others – to bring notice to BenQ’s disgusting display. BenQ will get a lot of heat – MDN is read by many analysts, tech reporters, and opinion-makers. Watch and see.

  3. Holy shit! That’s incredibly crass!

    I’m all for freedom of the press, the 1st Amendment and all, but as a New Yorker, that’s shocking.

    What is it supposed to mean?

    This should be spread to the mass media ASAP!

  4. Sometimes MDN you can be really stupid.

    Since when where there spaces ships floating around the debris of the WTC?

    The friggin building looks more like the remains of a church.

    How about retracting your accusations and apologizing to BenQ!

  5. DogGone,

    Those aren’t spaceships, you asshole, those are pieces of office paper covered with the remains of my friends and family. Please visit any NYFD station and tell us all about your ideas: you’ll be “DogGone” in a heartbeat.

  6. I like it. I’d go on a rant about the First Amendment and protected speech, but the site is in China… NOT cool to criticize the Communist Regime, but apparently OK to market our National Tragedy. I’ll wait for Apple to use Hiroshima’s mushroom cloud for the next video iPod.

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