Apple iTunes Store New Zealand imminent?

“You can expect Apple to launch its iTunes Music Store here sometime on Wednesday or Thursday,” Scott Kara reports for The New Zealand Herald.

“Sorry we can’t be more precise, it’s just that in keeping with its top secret policy when launching new products, Apple is not saying a thing,” Kara reports. “Well, kind of: the hints are rife.”

Kara reports, “What we can say is the Herald has an interview with a big-wig from Apple – possibly on Wednesday morning sometime – to talk about a “new product”. Well, hell-o. It confirms the strong industry rumours about the imminent arrival of the world’s leading online music store.”

Kara reports, “Adding to the covert nature of Apple’s publicity machine, the Herald would not be told the name of the company spokesperson or the new product until the interview. ‘All we’re allowed to do is let you know that it’s an interview with a senior Apple person and that that person will be making an announcement,’ said a representative from advertising agency TBWA\Whybin.”

Full article here.


  1. I griped about the lack of iTunes NZ on this site a few months ago, so, if correct, this is great news. Apart from the obvious benefit of access to legal on-line music, it should also raise Apple’s profile in Godzone.

  2. Gimli: “Pity Macs cost so bloody much here”.

    That’s not quite correct, although I’ve also previously griped about Mac pricing. In fact, NZ Mac prices have come down, even in the last few months, which is all good. The problem is that, except possibly for laptops, the differential between Mac and PC prices hasn’t.

    Some of this difference can be explained by economies of scale, and Apple’s legitimate need to make a profit in a small market. And, in fairness, the NZ pricing is similar to that in the larger Oz market, allowing for the exchange rate.

    Nevertheless, the pricing discrepancy, at least for desktops, must be a problem for local dealers, such as Magnum Mac. They give great service, but you can buy a Dull with similar specs to, say a 20″ iMac, for a little over half the price — a significantly greater differential than in the US. It can’t be easy for dealers to persuade Kiwis to switch when faced with that comparison.

    I don’t pretend have any solutions to this issue, but I hope Apple NZ can come up with some ideas for reducing this price difference.

    But isn’t it great that it looks like we’re getting an iTunes store, but will be spared Zunes with SquirtsForSure? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  3. The enormous talent from Aotearoa (that the rest of the world rarely gets to hear) finally gets to be on iTunes!

    Now, if they could only figure out a way so that we can purchase tunes from any store, anywhere in the world.

    Or, at least allow us to send a bloody gift certificate to anyone, anywhere in the world.

    Kia ora!

  4. I’ll believe it when I see it!!

    If it does, it wouldn’t be just Kiwi music, as good as some of it is and would show some of the wannabe sites (digirama, Ripit, coketunes) how to do it properly and open it up to ALL computer users and not those using crappy Windows with IE!!

    Anyway this dwarf, will keep using his Aussie account until the darkness is lifted.

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