Adobe’s Photoshop CS3 builds show substantial improvements, release due in Q2 2007

“More than one year after Think Secret first reported details of Adobe Photoshop CS3, sources recently disclosed that as development enters its final months features have remained true to what was Adobe originally planned,” Think Secret reports.

“For many Mac users, the most notable improvement Adobe will be delivering with Photoshop CS3 is native support for Intel-based Macs. Sources stressed that the new version of Photoshop, which sports an upgraded and more responsive interface, continually exceeded their performance expectations, including on PowerPC hardware,” Think Secret reports.

“With version CS3, Adobe seems to have improved on virtually every application Photoshop is employed to handle,” Think Secret reports. “Adobe has previously said it is targeting the release of Adobe Creative Suite 3 for the second-quarter of 2007. Sources recently corroborated that date, saying an announcement in March or April seems reasonable given the current status of development.”

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  1. spot color channels? I think it does that, doesnt it?

    Aperture maintains (but does not display) layer and alpha channel information in PSD files.

    gotta remember this software is very new, more features are coming soon.

    Adobe doesn’t deserve our business anymore.

    If your car called you names every morning on your way to work would you still want to drive it?

  2. For editing large numbers of photos most pros I know use Capture One by Phase one. This is a raw conversion program that is about the best out there. I don’t know a single top pro photographer that uses Aperture. I’m sure there are weekend wedding shooters that use it. Apple should have started by buying Phase One or Binuscan for their photo application.

  3. I sincerely hope Apple will offer a PS competitor.

    Maybe just an LE level competitor. That would be hugley welcome. Because there are millions of web designers and part-time shooters who need PS for basic editing but rarely dive deeply into the layers and guts. A simple, basic PS competitor from a major source like Apple is badly needed out there.

    This has happened in audio and video editing software, and it should happen now in image editing.

    Adobe has opened the door to this opportunity by pissing off many in the Mac community, slowing innovation and charging arms and legs. The time is right.

  4. This is getting downright morose, watching PS crawl along on my dual 800 G4, but there’s just no reason to buy that beautiful new 24″ iMac until CS3 ships (especially since all my money is in AAPL at the moment).
    Well, of course there is, but I use my computer for PS about 80% of the time and it doesn’t seem like it’ll be much better under Rosetta. I waited for the Intel Macs long enough, now I have to wait another 4-6 months… {simmer}
    Someone said about that Adobe is getting to be a lot like Quark was in the OS 9/X changeover days. They’re not THAT bad (no one else could possibly be that bad) but they’re sure dragging their damn feet and it’s getting old.
    I wonder how many PS pros are out there waiting for this to buy a new machine. I know it’s a big number. The problem is, I know if I buy a new machine now, then Apple will go ahead and update it by the time CS3 comes out and I will have had a better machine for waiting.
    At least my stock is going up… >.<


    MW: ‘ran’ (out of ideas, fell off horse, closed down company)

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