Analyst: Apple’s ‘iTV’ may extend ‘beyond streaming video,’ impact video as iPod has impacted music

“Apple Computer’s forthcoming iTV set-top box may include features beyond streaming content and could have an impact on video similar to what the iPod has done for music, Bear Stearns analyst Andy Neff told clients in a research note Wednesday,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“‘Though details remain sketchy, Apple emphasized [the] focus of iTV [is] to improve user experience by leveraging its software expertise and implied that there may be features beyond the mere streaming of video content,’ the analyst wrote,” Marsal reports.

Marsal reports, “Apple has already acknowledged that the device will also be capable of streaming photos, music and podcasts. But during the meeting it also hinted at additional features such as an ‘internal hard disk drive for storage’ and ‘advanced user interface software.'”

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  1. It will have some popularity, but it won’t be an iPod. I’d love to be wrong, but this is more of an entertainment appliance, not a personal gizmo. I think people would be more likely to hold off on a blue-ray or hd dvd player.

    Now, if Macs came with blue ray soon to stream through this, there’s more of a chance…

  2. Snapper,

    It takes the video content that’s on your network and streams it. If iTunes/QuickTime can recognise it, it can be streamed by the iTV. So even though I am in the UK, I already have loads of iTV content.

  3. I’m gunno see if it’s going to be able to play my Divx content…or just about whatever content I throw at it.

    Thruth be told, if it’s going to be limited to quicktime-only format, then I may just get one of the other wireless NAS media servers out there. (one that can play all of my stuff)

  4. if it can only stream through itunes, its utter crap. i want to be able to stream my .avi .divx .mpeg content…i hope they make the itunes media player a lot more robust…i don’t even like to manage my video content through itunes.

  5. With the DivX codec and the Flip4Mac codec installed, Quicktime can play DivX and WMV files. If QuickTime can play them, iTV can play them. Just like FrontRow. I don’t have any trouble playing my WMV and DivX (.divx and .avi) files in FrontRow, so I can’t imaging FrontRow would choke on them or the device would flop.

  6. Somewhere along the line it needs to be made legal to rip your DVDs into your computer. If they want to add a file tag or DRM to it to keep it from being shared online thats fine but there’s no reason people shouldn’t be able to do with their DVD’s the same thing they do with their CDs.

    Not that legality is going to stop anyone.

  7. Sweet! Streaming all that internet porn on the big screen instead of a tiny monitor… lol

    MDN magic word: Lower (I hope Apple lowers the price on this) ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  8. I somewhat agree with “its crap”. I love that I can stream video from my PowerMac G5 to my MacBook Pro. I hate the fact that I have to do it from iTunes which requires me to be logged on to the PowerMac and have iTunes running. I’d rather being using some type of QuickTime streaming.

  9. MDN, how come you often have multiple versions of the same article? This one is an example. The link to this article is:
    The same article without comments is:

    I found the second from an RSS feed and the first from the home page. In using the RSS feeds, I run across errors like this fairly frequently and just wanted to let you know.

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